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ABEXUS Analytics is a tech company which specializes in Extracting, Analyzing and Visualizing data. Even though this process is either somewhat automated within large firms, or totally neglected within small and medium companies, there remains a gap which ABEXUS is ready to fill. That is, not all numbers are created equal, and thus, the capacity of data to distill insights is partially hindered by context and overall market tendencies; both of which are typically absent from organizations.

Moreover, businesses have 2 options to the above challenge:
1. hire internal resources to manage their daily data needs, or
2. outsource external firms to do the job for them.

Our system, processes and methodologies have been highly curated to guarantee the fulfillment of the above promise. We understand there is always a human behind every equation, and thus, we have created an ecosystem which combines the power of automated functions that reside in our data engine, with the audacity and inquisitorial nature of our boutique team.

To that end, we have crafted a strategy which creates the sense of a human-centric delivery but capitalizes on the value-added of our automated analytical processes using our data engine. This strategy is somewhat simple.

1. We start with a “needs assessment” of your data infrastructure and
2. firmly navigate towards extracting, analyzing and visualizing data.

ABEXUS’ big data engine ingests, normalizes, and provides real-time access to millions of data points across hundreds of data sets. Leveraging proprietary big data infrastructure to produce in-depth industry analytics that reveal real-time comprehensive insights.

For the past 10 years our founders have worked with some of Puerto Rico’s leading companies, with both local and international presence. We are a group of enthusiastic, non hipster, millennials born and raised in the Island of Puerto Rico in the West-Indies. Previous experience includes macroeconomic risk modelling for financial institutions, inventory and sales projections for auto imports (industry-wide), location analysis for multinational franchises and econometric forecast of sales, customers and socioeconomic changes.

We are passionate about the power of data to answer real questions that propel business operations. We believe data is not just about numbers… it is context and substance.

A full description of our background can be found at www.abexus.com

Services Design & Development of Data Infrastructure

Over the years we have seen how big and small organizations suffer from the lack of structured data and vague data usage. Most organizations have tons of data, however, lack the correct infrastructure to deploy such data for day-to-day decision-making. Thus, we have created a series of products and services which allow organizations to PlanStrategize-and implement data solutions.

  • Determine organizational requirements and needs – what are the insights which are expected to be derived from data. This process should not be limited to the potentiality of raw data.
  • Determine data quality
  • Assess data storage – file storing systems, data governance & periodicity
  • Evaluate data connectors
  • Identify data in segregated silos – data from human resources, finance department, revenue sources, client/constituent inputs, inventories, company performance…
  • Identify data-starving units or areas within the organization
  • Create data extracts – automate the maintenance of data feeds to free up valuable resources within the organization.
  • Create internal organizational capacity – transform team members into champions of optimal data logic and automated data routines.
  • Build consensus within the organization of data-truth
  • Visualize data infrastructure into manageable systems
  • Visualize data into centralized dashboards
  • Visualize georeferenced data

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Why ABEXUS? We got the DATA
Complexity is our thing. We distinguish ourselves from a traditional economist, a data analyst, or a software developer. All have strong capacities, but when combined, true complexity arises. Being a data aggregator company, we have our own methodologies on how to structure and normalize “unrelated” databases. Moreover, our team members have developed dozens of specialized reports for multiple companies, government agencies and non-for-profit organizations within the Island. These experiences provide the skills necessary to adequately document and contextualize information.

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