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Abarca was founded to deliver a better way in healthcare.

For more than fifteen years, the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and technology company has been delivering on that promise for its health plan clients and their members through:

A smarter platform: Abarca built DarwinTM, its healthcare technology platform, in-house from the ground up to be fully-integrated, secure, and user-friendly.

A higher standard: Abarca believes that our clients deserve to know exactly how much they are paying for their pharmacy services, down to the prescription.

A better experience: Whether it be for clients, partners, employees, or, most of all, members, Abarca is always working to deliver a better experience in healthcare.

Jason Borschow founded Abarca in San Juan shortly after graduating from college. But, healthcare is a part of his DNA. He grew up in the industry working at a medical supply company started by his grandfather in 1951.

Even with his experience, starting a PBM was a bold move: 80% of the market is controlled by just three large healthcare conglomerates. But, Abarca was built with an entirely different approach to business and technology, and a powerfully positive corporate culture that is unlike any other in the industry.

To achieve its mission, Abarca leverages Darwin’s advanced capabilities to offer modern and intuitive solutions for our partners. To date, Darwin has helped plans improve their CMS star ratings, pharmacies improve medication adherence, members receive real-time support, and more.

The company is united around six distinct core values that guide everything it does, from how employees treat each other and the solutions they create to the relationships the company builds with its partners.

These values also impact how and where the company finds talent. To assemble its team of more than 600 employees, Abarca looked far beyond healthcare to recruit employees from a diverse cross-section of industries. In particular, it has relied heavily on the tech talent from Puerto Rico, allowing it to capitalize on, and contribute to, the Island’s emergence as a hub for technology and innovation.

The company is also deeply committed to giving back to the communities it serves. For example, when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, teams of Abarcans were deployed across the island to help ensure people had access to their medications. Influenced by that experience, Abarca created the Island’s first home delivery pharmacy program–which became even more critical when social distancing measures were put into place amid COVID-19.

And Abarca created the Better Care Community Program (BCCP), a philanthropic initiative that gives the company the opportunity to provide financial, business, and volunteer support to non-profit organizations working to make healthcare better for the people they serve.

Today, Abarca manages $5.3 billion in drug costs annually for more than 4 million members across the United States.

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