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“We’re excited about the continued progress on our path to creating $100B in new wealth by 2030.”

In the heart of innovation, where dreams intertwine with reality, 1836 Ventures stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. Born from a modest volunteer project at Georgetown, it has evolved into an international business platform, redefining the essence of entrepreneurship for the New Majority.

The Genesis of Change
At its core, 1863 Ventures is a Black-led national business development nonprofit accelerator and venture capital fund for New Majority entrepreneurs, who have been historically underestimated, including Black and Latino men and women. It supports over 4,000 entrepreneurs across the USA, leveraging capital investments, culturally competent content, and corporate and philanthropic partnerships to scale businesses from high potential to high growth through rigorous leadership training and strategic market access.

“Our thesis is that entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly viable pathway for the New Majority to build wealth. Our goal is to facilitate this trend by reducing barriers and risks for these founders across the nation,” shares Melissa Bradley, Founder of 1863 Ventures.

1863 Ventures embodies the spirit of responsible entrepreneurship. Its platform delivers an unparalleled blend of content and connections, fostering a supportive ecosystem transcending traditional narratives. From its inception in 2018, the journey from a volunteer initiative to a global power house encapsulates a testament to vision, perseverance, and collective effort.

Innovating for Success
Innovation at 1863 Ventures transcends the conventional. It is the alchemy of turning lessons learned into new pathways for success. This philosophy has cemented its status as the trusted source and leading business knowledge, tools, and support provider. By empowering New Majority businesses to scale and catalyzing $100B in new wealth by 2030, 1863 Ventures redefines innovation with every step.

Through its programs, which focus on building scalable brands, participants receive free, non-dilutive instruction from industry experts on various topics framed around crucial best practices, systems, and processes for success. After instruction, participants apply what they
learned in real-time to their businesses. After each program, they receive further one-on-one support from the 1863 team and Brain Trust to refine their strategies and implementation.

Programs include the Founder to CEO,
Pipeline, and Acceler8. “Core to our programs is improving operational efficiency, reducing execution risk, and catalyzing growth through our rigorously developed, process-based curriculum,” says Melissa. “Whether you’re at the growth stage and are preparing to scale existing systems and operations, or if you’re pre-growth and looking to establish those long overdue processes in the first place, we’ve got you.”

Trust was the catalyst that transformed 1863 Ventures. It came from the very community it aimed to uplift. This trust, coupled with a manifesto that pledges impact over accolades, propelled the organization to unprecedented growth and created sustainable impact.

Looking ahead, 1863 Ventures envisions a future marked by continued progress and achievement. The ambitious goal of creating $100B is a testament to their dedication and optimism. Melissa emphasizes: “We’re excited about the continued progress on our path to creating $100B in new wealth by 2030.” This vision is not just about financial milestones but about uplifting communities, changing lives, and shaping a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Catalyzing the Ecosystem
1863 Ventures’ contribution to the innovation ecosystem is multifaceted. By partnering with local and national entities, providing training, and leading research initiatives, they de-risk founders for investors and challenge the negative narratives surrounding New Majority entrepreneurs. Their efforts not only elevate individual businesses but also enrich the broader ecosystem, proving that diversity is strength.

1836 Ventures’ participants have generated over $300M in revenue and raised over $5M in capital. Behind each set of numbers is a compelling New Majority story of accomplishment despite intense adversity.

Melissa elucidates: “Our objective is to improve the state of innovation & entrepreneurship for both New Majority founders and ecosystem builders alike. Whether you’re a corporate brand, non-profit, venture capitalist, or something in between, we have a variety of pre-packaged and custom services that can be rapidly deployed nationwide.”

1863 Ventures is a powerful reminder of the economic imperative to support entrepreneurship across all communities. By highlighting the potential of businesses owned by people of color and the untapped economic benefits they represent, 1863 Ventures challenges us to reconsider our perspectives on entrepreneurship. It’s not just a business issue; it’s a societal opportunity to foster equality, diversity, and prosperity.

Through its innovative approach, dedication to the New Majority, and unwavering belief in the power of entrepreneurship, 1863 Ventures stands at the forefront of societal transformation. Let’s embrace the challenge to innovate, uplift, and unite for a brighter, more inclusive future.

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