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Our Company Exists Because We All Believe That We Have An Obligation To Our World.

We are just passing through and we cannot ignore the environmental problems that surround us. We develop products and activities to sensitize people, to change habits, to present sustainable alternatives, from raw materials, through production, transportation and reaching the market.

We joined efforts, people and ideas, and that’s how ZERO P was born.

We like to be and feel good about promoting activities in schools, companies and public entities at events and in the social sector. From people, to people.

In addition, we sell small-scale products made of plastic that we recycle at our facilities.

With the central objective of promoting citizens awareness of the impact of plastic as marine litter and its possibilities for reuse, participants in our activities learn about the problem of consumption and its direct link with climate change, while participating in a program of activities as active agents. The focus is to raise awareness in a fun and participatory way.

In our Workshop we have all the tools to work and receive anyone who is interested in getting to know more about our purpose, but whenever necessary, we use our PAVan – an “itinerant mini station for the transformation of plastic waste”, which has been in operation since 2019, receiving approximately 8000 children to date and carrying out more than 200 activities.

Even in times of pandemic, we collaborate with several schools, always respecting safety rules!

In addition to the actions at schools, at events, at companies and at beach cleanings that we carried out, we now want to go to the STREET of each one of us, we want to involve the community, not only continuing our awareness mission, but now joining the feeling of belonging and responsibility, precisely on each one of our streets!

We believe that with proximity actions, where most of the garbage “is born”, it is also where we have to focus and work.

With the plastic that we collect from the streets and with what the local community gives us, we produce objects that we will have in hand on a daily basis and that have the purpose of actively and permanently reminding us of the actions that we must take every day, contributing in some way to make plastic a lesser problem these days.

And because the plastic problem is huge and at Zero P we always want to be at the forefront of innovation, we are already planning to install a 3D printing robot arm with recycled plastic, in order to create and provide products aimed at the blue economy; such as small boats, beach furniture, supports, among others. A huge investment but that will make a real difference and for which at Zero P we are looking for investors to carry out this project.

Are we together for a better world?

Zero P

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