Z-Bikez-Is An Austin Based Startup That Combines Micro-Mobility With Mobility As A Service





Z-Bikez is an Austin based startup that combines micro-mobility with mobility as a service. We’re the only company in the country that provides a complete line of personal electric vehicles; bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. Our vehicles are available for purchase or via subscription in The Z-Club, an innovative subscription service that allows users to exclusively access our vehicles for a reasonable monthly fee.


The idea for Z-Bikez was formed in China, where founder Taylor Prestwood saw firsthand the value of the personal electric vehicle. Using them every day to navigate the congested streets of Shenzhen, he began looking into why it was that these vehicles were not readily available in the USA. He enlisted the help of a friend in China, Michael Bruner, and Z-Bikez was started. After spending a year researching the market, finding quality suppliers, designing the vehicles and raising capital, the team was ready to get started in their quest to bring advanced urban mobility to America.

They chose Austin because of the favorable demographics, licensing rules, the climate as well as the various subsidies and support available for electric vehicles. After building their first batch of vehicles, the two-headed to Austin, where they secured a location for the Z-Bikez showroom on Guadalupe St, next to The University of Texas campus.

The first year was marked by gaining customers, building brand awareness and learning about the ever-changing marketplace. Dozens of vehicles were sold to satisfied customers, with an ever-increasing number of interested customers coming into the showroom to learn about this revolutionary technology. The advent of dockless electric scooters and bicycles, and the myriad problems associated with them, along with the vast consumer data that was collected led the Z-Bikez team to formulate The Z-Club. Membership in The Z-Club is the way forward to drive the adoption of the personal electric vehicle in America and will become the standard-bearer for PEV usage. More than a lease but less than ownership, The Z-Club gives users exclusive access to their own PEV that can be swapped out for a different model at any time. Various other membership benefits make it a great way for users to enjoy the benefits of PEV usage without the hassles of ownership.

The future is bright for both Z-Bikez and electric vehicles in America. With the ever-increasing adoption of this new and better mode of transportation, Z-Bikez is leading the charge in revolutionizing urban mobility in America.

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