Yogatribes And Blue Digital Agency - Making Yoga More Accessible, One City At A Time




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Sophie Lymburner is the ambitious and creative mind behind two ground-breaking and innovative businesses – Blue Communications and YogaTribes. In 1998, Sophie launched Blue (also known as whynotblue), one of the first digital agencies in Canada. Even after more than 20 years in this rapidly-growing market, award-winning Blue as remained relevant thanks to its innovative and creative e-commerce and website solutions helping clients power their brands. In 2010, while Sophie was personally searching for balance in her life, her employees at Blue suggested inviting a yoga teacher to give a class at work. Within a few weeks, her team was closer, more productive and happier, just as she was! This eye-opening experience let Sophie to ask herself: “Why isn’t yoga a more mainstream activity and why isn’t everybody practicing it?

Blue behind the new tech company YogaTribes
To get answers, she deep-dived into the yoga world, tapped into her technological and digital skillset and leveraged Blue’s strengths to make yoga easily accessible to everyone and support the teachers who share their passion and have a positive impact on people’s lives. The YogaTribes digital platform was born.

A shared calendar and booking engine for yoga classes
What exactly is YogaTribes? It is the world’s first shared calendar for yoga classes, everywhere; YogaTribes also offers a booking engine of yoga classes worldwide and its revenues come from a commission on single classes booked through the platform. It allows teachers to promote their classes and you to discover a class near your home or work, and book it with a simple click.

Making yoga more accessible, one city at a time
YogaTribes’ unique core mission is to give back to the yoga community as a whole by supporting its teachers. As such, whenever you book a class through the platform, teachers (or tribe leaders) receive a commission, so by doing that, you can help them increase their revenues and continue practicing their passion, helping others improve their lives through yoga and strengthening yoga communities everywhere. With a vibrant local community and an innovative tech platform such as YogaTribes, Sophie believes that Montreal is on its way to becoming the yoga capital in North America. But she’s just getting started, as she firmly intends to create a global yoga village for all by conquering the world one city at a time.

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