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Remember when the only next stop following the completion of High School was to enroll in a four-year College or University? Remember when Colleges and Universities were defined by a campus, a grassy quad, lecture halls, cafeterias, dining halls, and dorms?


In today’s world, high school graduates have multiple alternatives to traditional higher education, and the definition of colleges and universities continues to evolve. Technology has created a massive opportunity for instant access to education, which comes with major changes to the delivery method for said education. Online coding academies are taking the place of college for some, while others opt for online competency-based programs – both cutting straight to the chase and preparing learners for a specific occupation upon completion.

To compete with these alternatives, colleges and universities are offering online degrees and blended in-person and online degrees, while also extending their traditional undergraduate and masters programs to include adult learning opportunities.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) continue to gain traction across the globe. These courses are open to the public, accessible online, and are often self paced with a downloadable certificate upon completion. Learners from all over the world are able to sign-up for MOOCs, regardless of their age, location, or lack  of affiliation with colleges or universities. This is creating a huge marketplace for learning online.

In this new, constantly evolving world of online education, learners are no longer connected in one place. There are no longer campuses to collaborate with peers, no hallways to catch-up with classmates after a lecture, no cafeterias to meet over dinner for group projects. Online education is focused on the relationship between educational content and the learner, but not on the relationship between learners: the very reason Yellowdig was created.

Yellowdig is a discussion platform that connects students enrolled in the same online courses and programs. The platform extends each learner’s experience beyond their interaction with course content. With Yellowdig, learners are able to connect with their peers, or in the case of alumni, those who came before them. Yellowdig’s software platform integrates with existing educational technologies (all of those delivery platforms learners are engaging with via coding academies, competency-based programs, MOOCs, college and university courses, and more) to enable enrolled learners to communicate, collaborate, and get to know one another.

At Yellowdig, we believe in the power of peer learning. We believe the online learning experience should be about more than just the content. We want to connect students to one another, so their learning experience is personalized, social, engaging, and impactful. We believe learners have their own related knowledge and stories to share, and Yellowdig’s software platform is the way to do so.

If you know a college, university, or online education program that could benefit from Yellowdig’s software – please drop us a note at [email protected]


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