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The investing world is at a crossroads. Nearly $70 trillion is expected to be passed on from baby boomers to their millennial heirs in the next 30 years. Many believe roboadvisors have commoditized investment advice and made human advisors obsolete. Investors can trade for free at the brokerage of their choosing.

And yet, the latest downturn in the financial markets has made it more clear than ever that investment professionals shouldn’t be taken for granted, and investors should strongly consider employing a real human being to watch over their nest eggs.




YCharts believes human investment professionals are best equipped to provide the investing and planning advice needed in times of market turmoil. Fittingly, the company is in the unique position to help those investment professionals demonstrate their value by providing investors with financial expertise and actionable recommendations. That’s why YCharts was born in 2009; its founders were passionate about enabling access to affordable, accurate financial data in a more user-friendly interface.

Terminal-based solutions such as Bloomberg are challenging to learn and ultra-expensive, while free tools like Yahoo! Finance provide limited data with reduced functionality. Identifying its “sweet spot” in the traditionally underserved financial advisor market, innovation at YCharts took flight. By empowering investment professionals with powerful tools for market monitoring, idea generation and data visualization, YCharts forged its path.


Fast forward more than a decade later, and YCharts has transformed into a leading investment research platform trusted by more than 5,000 wealth advisors, financial planners, and asset managers that enjoy its easy-to-use, modern tools that enhance client and prospect engagements. The platform combines comprehensive data, powerful visualization tools, and advanced analytics for equity, mutual fund, and ETF data and analysis. Through automated workflows and collaborative features,

YCharts’ clients enjoy significant time savings, and have more time to spend serving clients and growing their business.To put it simply, YCharts enables smarter investments and better client communications. What’s the secret sauce? Innovative, purpose-built tools that make investment data simple to understand and easier to communicate about with clients. While many investments may not be “active” in their investment selection, YCharts remains a critical tool as the platform simplifies market monitoring, portfolio analysis and the creation of communication outputs to effectively address client concerns in seconds.

But what sets YCharts apart more than anything is customer support. Each client is paired with a member of YCharts’ customer success team to guide them through the platform and be there whenever they have a question, concern or challenge. By arming clients with the know-how and resources to keep their own clients happy, YCharts sustains long-term relationships and enables investment professionals to further grow their businesses.

Being a driving force behind its customers’ success has led to rapid growth in a highly competitive market. With a level-headed approach: “Hire great people, make work challenging and fun and remain focused on our customers,” YCharts has been rightly acknowledged as an industry-leader in recent years. A few proof points YCharts hangs its hat on include being named the Best Place to Work in Fintech by an industry trade publication, landing on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for three straight years and being featured in top-tier media outlets such as Forbes, Fortune and CNBC, to name a few.

While YCharts continues to climb higher, innovation remains at the heart of its business. At each step in the product development process, the team constantly challenges each other with key questions, such as “How will our clients benefit?” and “What can we do to make our clients’ lives easier?” To answer these questions, YCharts stays informed by turning to clients, industry influencers and employee feedback to help the company make the most educated decisions when developing its next steps.

YCharts’ philosophy is simple: Make life easier for investment professionals and enable them to better serve their clients. Keeping this thought at the root of their operations has enabled YCharts to remain best-of-breed. And with the wind of the booming Chicago tech ecosystem at their back, with the help of groups like the Illinois Technology Association and Built In Chicago, YCharts continues to hire top-performers that fold in perfectly to the company culture.

Looking to the future, YCharts’ goals are similar to those set a decade ago. Continue to delight financial professionals, remain dedicated to their clients and to never stop innovating. The team at YCharts is confident that staying nimble and anticipating the needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) investment professionals will enable great things for the company, and even greater success for its clients.

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