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At the heart of our business is a passion for creating software that adds value to a plethora of businesses. Our founder, Jeh Daruvala’s fascination with artificial intelligence, and how AI can be utilized to evolve businesses to greater levels of success while helping them provide ever better products to their customers is the ethos on which this company has grown since its inception in 2010

So what do we do?
Yactraq is a leading audio mining and speech analytics provider that delivers omni-channel business intelligence solutions through advanced AI and machine-learning methodologies.

Our suite of solutions include 360 degree emotion detection for better agent monitoring and customer value discovery, Real-time agent support through timely intervention and assistance as well as predictive machine learning and omni channel agent evaluation.

All these sophisticated business intelligence software solutions act as a vital tool for analysis of call data.
As a young boy, Yactraq’s founder Jeh Daruvala was fascinated by Isaac Asimov’s vision of the future of robotics. In 1988, During his electronics engineering internship, Jeh worked on speech synthesis technology and was bitten by the AI bug. After a career in networking and enterprise software, Jeh returned to AI in 2010 with Yactraq.

Omnitraq, our BI app, deploys an advanced technology platform featuring leading edge technologies such as MongoDB and Elastic Search which enable high flexibility levels, operating scalability and ease of integration over traditional SQL-based platforms. With Omnitraq you can leave ‘one size-fits-all’ solutions behind, and instead choose the solutions you want that uniquely match the needs of your business.

Add to this , our Coretraq speech-based AI platform that generates accurate and comprehensive phone call & omnichannel metadata via speech recognition, natural language understanding and Voice tone analysis. Coretraq uses an airflow orchestration engine which makes it easy to extend it with partner products and technologies. A containerized and auto-scaled architecture delivers high performance.

Patents in conversational computing give us an edge in developing next generation virtual agents and customer engagement solutions. We consider ourselves as innovators and have been recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor and thought leader in Core AI.

Yactraq’s robust suite of solutions helps clients increase revenue through sales productivity and effectiveness plus enhance brand value through improved customer experience via advanced customer feedback and agent evaluation features.

At Yactraq, we are all fundamentally geeks (comes with the territory), but we are also business pragmatists who understand the needs of businesses large and small, and we specialize in providing custom solutions to help our clients meet their business goals.

Over the years we have tied up with many large & strategic players in the business such as:

FIVE9 INC. – the leader in on-demand call centre software as a service (CCAS) platform, addressing the needs of customer-centric businesses by using speech analytics to deliver a comprehensive cloud-based call centre audio mining solution.

AMAZON CONNECT – Yactraq has partnered with Amazon Connect to bring a suite of Yactraq solutions to Amazon’s Contact Centres as a Service (CCAS) platform. Our initial integrations with CCAS include Omnitraq Real-time Speech Analytics (featuring our Conversational Heat Mapping capabilities), Omnitraq Business Intelligence for a range of Voice-of-the-Customer and Quality Management capabilities, and Autoscaling of our award winning, speech-based semantic platform Coretraq.

RINGCENTRAL – Yactraq’s certified integration with the pioneer in cloud telephony gives us access to Ringcentral’s large ecosystem of technology and marketing partners. Ringcentral customers and partners can now benefit from our global value leading products and services.

TWILIO – Our partnership with Twilio offers Yactraq clients a single telecoms infrastructure vendor who can provide virtually all their telecom needs, while still being able to leverage Yactraq’s industry leading and unprecedented value in speech analytics.

The west coast of North America is home to the largest & fastest growing high technology businesses . Yactraq is based in Vancouver, BC – the most strategically located high tech center in Canada. Vancouver is a two hour drive from Seattle the datacenter capital of the world; and a two hour flight from Silicon Valley, which needs no introduction.

Yactraq’s future in speech technology is driven by our vision of talking computers everywhere. Starting with call center based virtual agents, Yactraq voice bots can be used in robotics, AR/VR, IoT and various other domains.


Suite 369 800-15355 24th Avenue
Surrey,BC,V4A 2H9, Canada

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