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YAC is a desktop app for quick voice communication with your remote team; without spinning up entire conference calls and derailing an entire workflow. Simply open the app from your desktop and click on a teammate to talk.

YAC is the newest desktop app leading the charge of innovation in the realm of remote work.
Many employees feel a drastic disconnect from their team once they begin working remotely, and so YAC was created to fix this. YAC enables workers to feel more connected to their peers, and create an office-like environment through voice communication. The team knew the world of remote workers needed this, so they submitted YAC to Product Hunt’s 2018 Makers Festival.
After winning the competition in the “Remote Workers” category, demand for the product skyrocketed and vaulted YAC to new heights. Now, the team is busy closing their seed round of investment and developing an extension of their app to work with Bose Augmented Reality glasses. With Bose, the idea is that through their Augmented Reality glasses, people can move in a room, while wearing the glasses (with audio built-in), and hear different people at different points in the room or when looking in different directions.

Startup founders and executives end up wasting time having to spin up and plan entire meetings, instead of getting actual work done. This is detrimental, especially for startups, as it’s all about speed and execution. The YAC team is looking to remedy this major problem in the industry with their product. They told us a question they get quite often is: “Where did you get the idea to build such a product?” While it did come out of a desire to help remote teams feel more connected, they actually started by scratching their own itch. YAC is a byproduct of their partially remote, design and development agency. While the team is based out of Orlando, they also have members in Oregon, Mississippi, California, India, Guatemala, and Mexico who need to feel connected as well. So the team took it upon themselves to build something to solve their own problem.
That being said, their initiative to be part remote, plus their daily dose of innovation at their agency, bred the perfect storm for a remote worker-centric product.
As the team ramps up development, they’re adding in new features such as instant screen-sharing, transcription, a Slack integration, and many more. All in all, YAC users will enjoy the ability to speak freely to teammates just like they would in the office.

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