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What do you need as a real estate professional? Just real estate boards and project boards in a visually attractive set-up that helps to put your real estate in the picture in an eye-catching manner. XXLSign is an experienced player in the market of real estate advertising. As a professional and recognised signing company, we design, realise, place and return real estate and project billboards.

Our advantage! We make it easy for you Want to work with us? That is easy! You can order your visual communication material digitally via your own access to our customer portal, which is super easy and will not take you more than a few minutes to place your order.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Our follow-up is also completely digital. In your account, you can follow up on your orders, request returns, check your credit, as well as checking your invoices. You will also receive interim messages so that you know exactly what is happening. With XXLSign you sleep easy and you will not lose valuable time by following up on statuses via phone or e-mail.

Our customer portal is always open, 24/7. You order when and where you want. And if you have a question you would like to discuss over the phone? A team with experience and knowledge in the field is ready and available for you.

Extensive choice of configurations At XXLSign you have a wide choice of configurations at competitive prices. Immo signs on poles, facade advertising, container frames or flags, we have the right solution for every situation. In one go you can also order bottom signs and arrows to clearly indicate the location of your premises. We also have rock-solid set-ups for project signs: from constructions on wooden posts, on tube frames and stretched project signs.

No time to lose! We can place your sign on site within 48 hours, and our own graphic workshop will make sure it looks neat too!

Need other tailor-made signing solutions?

Do you need outdoor advertising such as yard signs and banners, or indoor advertising and office decoration or window stickers? XXLSign is ready for you. Ask for a quotation via [email protected]

Order and manage your real estate and project signs directly online at www.xxlsign.be or just give us a call? +32 3 500 87 07


XXLSign places more than 2,650 billboards per year. Where possible we reuse these materials. We store the signs and poles in our workshop and keep them carefully for the next use. We use environmentally friendly “Greenguard” inks to print the panels and the wood of our poles comes from responsible forest management with an FSC label.

XXLPrintshop, has the IT solution for your Company identity monitoring

The XXLPrintshop marketing portals are an online system for all companies that have to maintain an extensive company identity. The marketing portal is a closed working environment where you can consult, adjust and order your own communication products after logging in. Thanks to the built-in editing programme, you can personalise your printed materials and receive a print-ready PDF that can go straight into production. Less stress for everyone!

Imagine: the graphics department of your company has just successfully completed a rebranding exercise. The documents are circulating in the company, everyone can continue with the source files.

After only a few days, control has disappeared completely. Both internal and external people start working with the files and move the logo to the other side, try a different colour…

A marketing portal is more than an online house-style manual. It is an online platform where everyone you give access to can use the source files and can adjust their own files according to the rules.

Corporate identity products in one portal Stock management without the hassle Completely automated system

XXLPrintshop for all visual communication with service and support.

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