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XSELL Technologies was founded in 2014 by CEO Matt Coughlin, who previously ran world- class sales teams for Disney, Apple, and other large brands. Upon founding XSELL, he posed the question: “What if every customer engaged with your best ambassador? What would your brand look like?”


He teamed up with CTO Mark Stoehr, a PhD candidate of Computer Science at the University of Chicago, to uncover the answer and build software that would change the way we engage with brands today.In August 2017, XSELL began its relationship with strategic partner, SYKES Enterprises, Inc., a publicly- traded global BPO firm based out of Tampa, Florida.

The partnership creates next-generation capability for data labeling and machine learning that will allow clients to quickly capture actionable data insights and results.XSELL Technologies has maintained a direct focus on expansion and growth within recent years, opening a second corporate office within the Chicago area.

With these efforts, the corporate team tripled in size. During the recent expansion members of the Xsell board, such as Cathal McCarthy who previously ran world-wide sales and customer care for Apple, joined the company bringing even more focus and life to Xsell’s customer-first mindset.


An Innovative Technology Leader

XSELL Technologies is the Machine Learning platform for Dialogue. XSELL focuses on driving exceptional customer engagement and long-term digital transformations for our clients, all while delivering improved sales, service outcomes and enterprise data insights.

Their AI is powered by leading- edge Machine Learning Algorithms focused on understanding human conversation using natural language processing. XSELL Technologies has a unique AI philosophy, that distinguishes us in the marketplace.

We believe in augmentation, not automation; humans and AI are better together than either is on their own.“Looking into the near future, XSELL Technologies has reaffirmed its commitment to Chicago, announcing the company’s plan to hire more than 500 team members over the next three years.”


The HiPer Platform

The XSELL platform is a leading-edge Augmented Intelligence and digital engagement platform that supercharges sales and service agents through chat, messaging and phone. Carefully built within four innovative products-Voice Cobot, Chat Cobot , Smartbot, and QABot-it helps companies effectively answer consumer inquiries and carefully make personalized recommendations-therby

are proud to have a 100% success rate, producing robust results for clients across the eCommerce, healthcare, financial, and telecom industries. With each AI-enhanced interaction, XSELL’s clients benefit from increased conversion rates, larger AOV, greater brand loyalty, and an elevated consumer experience.


Making an Impact with Local and Global Talent

Headquartered in Chicago, the team includes skilled technology experts including data scientists, engineers, and ontologists, as well as respected business professionals with skills in sales, operations, and business development.

The majority of our talent pool comes from some of the most renowned programs worldwide including the University of Chicago, DePaul University, University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University.

As a proud member of Chicago’s local technology hub, XSELL Technologies has used local talent to its advantage in order to grow quickly and efficiently, contribute to the company’s networking across verticals, as well as maintaining a motivated and inclusive company culture.

In early 2019 the rapidly growing technology leader was recognized by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanual and Andres Zapp, CEO of World Business Chicago, for its tremendous growth and job creation. Looking into the near future, XSELL Technologies has reaffirmed its commitment to Chicago, announcing the company’s plan to hire more than 500 team members in their headquarters office over the next three years.

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