Despite launching in September 2020, during the height of a global pandemic, XP League quickly caught the attention of tech-savvy franchisees looking to turn their passion into a career. And esports are certainly a lucrative activity worthy of franchise investment; by 2023, it’s predicted that the industry could see revenues of $1.6bn.

XP League is the bridge between youth sports and competitive gaming. It’s an opportunity to build a positive healthy ecosystem where school age kids will build valuable lifelong skills while doing what they love,” says Jay Melamed, co-founder. “Our dual focus on positive coaching and conventional youth athletic formats create a unique experience for gamers to engage in social and emotional learning while building on the meta and skill needed for competitive play.”

Esports has been gaining traction over the last decade and the current pandemic has only added fuel to the fire for this growing industry,” added Melamed. “XPL is easy-to run and nomadic, so a local civic center or empty office or retail space can quickly become an esports hub. There is vast white space available for entrepreneurs interested in monetizing a career in esports.

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