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Xotiq, is attempting to do something no one in the cosmetics industry has successfully done before: craft a line of clean, earth-friendly color cosmetics that are infused with CBD.

Xotiq Founder, Lynda Heshmat and her co-founders won first prize at Startup Weekend years ago by creating a software platform that manages real estate. Her passion for fashion, design, and art mixed with a deep internal conviction that women deserve to feel empowered, enriched, and enhanced by their cosmetics — not just cover up. These led her to push the limits of what is possible and attempt to bring not only Xotiq’s flagship product, but more importantly the vision behind it, to the forefront of our culture.

Lynda Heshmat, Founder and CEO of Xotiq, explains that she has been working on a completely customized formula for a line of cosmetics that are vegan, all natural, and gluten-free.

Having been in research and development since 2017, Heshmat has specifically selected every ingredient and raw material. Then, working with a team of chemists from New York, they’ve been perfecting a series of formulas to moisturize and maintain the user’s skin’s health.

“The purpose of this product is to create a clean brand of beauty products to empower women, and people of any gender—also any age or ethnicity,” says Heshmat. “They can be confident, sexy and beautiful while still maintaining their health.”

Heshmat cites the many products on the market today with non-natural ingredients that are harmful to skin as something she wanted to provide an alternative to. “Xotiq products basically act like vitamins. You don’t have to be worried about taking your makeup off—it’s actually beneficial if it stays on your skin.” Heshmat says she thinks cosmetics should be healthy for you, and with today’s technology, there’s no reason they can’t be. “People use cosmetics throughout their whole lives,” she says. “You don’t want them to be harmful to your body.”

Xotiq products abide by every clean standard set by the cosmetic board, and are also “Sephora clean,” so they can be sold in Sephora’s “all natural” section. Not only are they skin- and eco-friendly, but they are also free from animal testing.

Perhaps most innovative, Xotiq products are designed to relax and rejuvenate by infusing CBD, which Heshmat says have anti-inflammatory properties as well as containing vitamins A, D, and E, plus essential fatty acids. “The colors make you feel beautiful and confident,” says Heshmat, “while the CBD infusion can help you feel calm & relaxed in your own skin.”

In order to avoid the use of animal products that other lipsticks, such as beeswax, Heshmat opted to include Cannabis, which acts as a binding agent. As their first product – the luxury lipstick – is currently unreleased, Xotiq’s team is still working with suppliers to craft the perfect product as well as assembling a dream team to bring this product to life.

Heshmat says being in Gainesville is perfect for market research, because as a student town, students  are willing to try new products and give their feedback. Xotiq is currently giving away free samples and adjusting and improving the products based on customer feedback.

A University of Florida alumni, Heshmat says The State University System of Florida Board of Governors has selected the University of Florida to enhance the evidence base related to the cannabis and its benefits in Florida, which has ignited industry investment industry from several large players in Gainesville as a result. “Florida is a great source for all-natural ingredients,” says Heshmat.

Heshmat hasn’t always been the lipstick-pioneer of CBD dead-set on empowering women worldwide; but she has always had an eye for design.

In fact, she actually started out as an artist, and moved into architectural design as a designer, which led her to the corporate world. She got an MBA in entrepreneurship, then started joining events like Startup GNV. “having a pigheaded determination leads becoming a visionary and creator,” she says. Her passion for fashion, design, and art led her to bring beauty and wellness ventures in the creative science space  to ourcutting edge culture.

Xotiq is currently building their MVP and refining the packaging, as well as working with agencies to develop their brand and marketing strategy. They have already created several prototypes but are working with customers to get the formula just right.

“We have been developing this for years, but we still want to get it right. Our team is focused on quality and making sure the product is made to the highest standard possible. Our goal is to launch in 2020,”  Heshmat declares. For more information including media & press, the team can be reached at [email protected] .


[email protected]
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