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XMOS voice solutions create a more natural conversation with technology today and open the door to a more intuitive interaction with technology in the future.

Mark Lippett CEO


Spun out of the University of Bristol in 2005, XMOS is backed by high-tech venture capitalists and is known around the world for its excellence in the USB and Hi-Res audio market. But that’s just part of the story. Their flexible microcontroller technology, purpose-designed algorithms and differentiated software come together to deliver world-class solutions to the consumer electronics market. XMOS technology is used across a broad range of applications including conference systems, robotics, microphone arrays, communications and a host of voice-enabled products.

CEO Mark Lippett says, “Never underestimate what small teams of brilliant people can achieve. The move into voice was a roller-coaster for XMOS. It played to our engineering strengths, but it presented very different, technical challenges to any we’d faced before. It took courage and teamwork for us to weather the early disappointments and stay focused on our endgame. Looking back, the last 18 months have been transformational for XMOS. We’re a stronger, more collaborative team. We’ve developed a great partnership with Amazon and just launched our powerful next-generation voice product – we’re in great shape to meet the rising demand for voice we’re seeing across the consumer electronics market.

Little wonder that XMOS has been picking up awards recently, winning the Advanced Engineering award at the Go:Tech Awards 2018 as well as the award for Best Collaboration at Made In the South West 2018. Headquartered in the thriving tech-hub of Bristol, XMOS is helping to put the city on the map. They’re capturing significant attention on the world stage, partnering with global giants and competing effectively against some big names in the semiconductor industry.

Priya Abani, Director at Amazon Alexa Voice Service, says: “XMOS accelerates the deployment of Alexa in deeply embedded systems, new device types, and form-factors, bringing customers more choice of where to access Alexa.”

Max Maxfield reviewed the XVF3510 for EEWeb and said: “XMOS just introduced its XVF3510 next-generation voice processor, which can pluck an individual voice out of a crowded audio landscape using just two microphones. Those clever folks at XMOS have just brought us one step closer to embedding “ears” for voice control in just about every device with which we interact.”

What’s next for XMOS? Voice is just the start: the team is leveraging edge-AI and fusing voice with other sensors to transform the way people interact with the technology around them. In this era of intelligent connectivity, XMOS believes the world will shift from needing technology-literate people to enjoying the freedom enabled by people-literate technology. Future solutions will include things like presence detection and context awareness to bring more natural, relevant and trusted experiences and information to everyone, everywhere. Ever creative and nimble, XMOS has a big part to play in the rapidly evolving ‘smart home’ ecosystem and the future looks very bright.


Queens Quay, 33-35 Queen Square
Bristol, BS1 4LU

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