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Xelerate delivers recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services, offering customized solutions that optimize the recruiting function within a company. Xelerate identifies top talent and helps the organization get better at recruiting by effectively deploying its team, leveraging technology, and providing critical analytics.

Emily Venable Biscardi, CEO

Xelerate’s CEO, Emily V. Biscardi, founded the firm—a certified women-owned business (WBENC) and a 2018 Inc. 5000 company—fifteen years ago. She believed there was a better way to support companies’ hiring initiatives and that an outsourcing model was the best approach. “When people think about recruiting, they consider three models in the industry: contingency firms, staffing firms, and executive search firms.

“RPO is an alternative model that executives don’t know about,” Emily says. “Our mission is to educate the market on a better way to partner in the industry to accomplish their hiring goals.” Traditional models are often cost-prohibitive, limited in impact, and too transactional. RPO, on the other hand, is not only a recruiting solution for expansions, high-volume openings, or difficult-to-find positions, but it is also a strategic solution for organizations to complement an existing recruiting team; improve the quality of the candidate pipeline; enhance candidate and hiring manager experience; and to build on employment brand, among other benefits. A springboard to Xelerate’s services is its discipline in the use of data to effect positive change in the recruiting process. Xelerate’s metrics educate their clients on best recruitment channels, employment brand impact, cost savings—and that just touches the surface.

Most recruitment companies gather such data, but rarely do they listen to the story it’s telling, let alone share that story with their clients.

- Angela Parsons, Partner & CSO

Angela Parsons, Partner & CSO

“Most recruitment companies gather such data but rarely do they listen to the story it’s telling, let alone share that story with their clients,” says Angela Parsons, Chief Sales Officer at Xelerate. Beyond the impact of the model, it is the people behind Xelerate that bring the services to life. The team is driven by customer service and a commitment to get companies on the right track when it comes to hiring the best talent. “Our core values drive our behaviors, our interactions, and our responses. They are what separate us as leaders in the industry,” says Emily. Joining Emily on the leadership team is Angela Parsons, Partner and Chief Sales Officer. With its impact, Xelerate’s motto “agile recruiting” perfectly describes the value the team sets out to deliver to the market—a scalable, flexible service that supports the business needs of their clients.

Xelerate, LLC

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