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For the last 20 years, WYgroup has been one of the top leading players in digital marketing, technology, and creativity services in Portugal. We are currently the largest independent group for Marketing and Customer Experience Services in Portugal, with a collaborative framework of 7 companies that – together – can offer integrated business solutions that combine technology, innovation, creativity, and data in digital services, and that generate more value, with real impact, for our clients. Together, we are By – Interactive Brands Agency, Bliss, Bloomcast, Fever, NERVO, Performance Sales, and White. We are the WYgroup.


It all began in 2001 with a team of 3 entrepreneurs. Nowadays, our story is about collaborative construction, shaped every day by our partners and more than 320 employees that work at WYgroup’s 3000 m² Beach House, facing the Santo Amaro de Oeiras beach. Our milestones over the years were built upon combined efforts of leadership, smart-working and talented people, and all the clients and stakeholders who placed their trust in our group.


We are now leading our market, with solid growth of 20% a year and we aim to further expand in the coming years. We also have satellite offices in Oporto, Portugal, and Boston, USA, and we will keep pushing further to keep contributing to an innovative and groundbreaking ecosystem, that arouses and spreads curiosity all over the world.



We are digital artisans, and we believe success comes from the blend between human capital, creativity and technology. Our focus lays on customer experience, leveraging human touch in service interactions. We are driven by curiosity and question everything before we start. What we see, touch, and feel changes our way of perceiving everything that is around us. We are creatives, analysts, designers, engineers, developers, researchers, strategists, marketers. All in all, we are designers of experiences.


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