World Trade Center Antwerp – or WTC Antwerp – is one of the oldest and most active business clubs in the region. It is a meeting platform for effective networking, both nationally and internationally. WTC Antwerp provides B2B activities, company visits, and interesting events that promote professional networking and the exchange of experiences. WTC Antwerp relies on the efforts of volunteers who do not have any commercial intentions. Many members join spontaneously because of the professional stability radiated by the organisation and the commitment it shows its members.

Each World Trade Center (WTC) is an apolitical organisation that unites more than 500,000 companies from around the globe that are active in international trade. The WTC concept transcends geographical or political barriers and is based on a unique philosophy expressed by:

• promoting support and cooperation among members;
• promoting international, national and regional business relationships;
• supporting the business community and making facilities available;
• providing training opportunities.

International support
Companies with international ambitions can call on WTC Antwerp as an intermediary. The forum will guide you if you are looking for an answer to the following questions:

• Are you looking for the right contact person abroad?
• Would you like to meet a foreign WTC specialist?
• Would you like information on international trade partners and fairs?
• Are you looking for a favourable hotel, meeting or office facilities?

One central point of information
WTC Antwerp brings together business people and government services involved in national and international trade and interests. It is a one-stop information hub where business people and entrepreneurs have access to a full range of services such as market research, WTCA Online, a business centre with relevant services, business training, business missions and a business club for regional and national networking.

What services are available to all WTC members worldwide?
In the broadest sense, a World Trade Center concentrates all services related to international trade in one place. Call on WTC for:

• Trade information: Providing data on trade contacts, trade proposals, trade regulations, trade tariffs and trade missions.
• Office units: Short- or long-term rental, both for national and international members.
• Courses: Organising practical and customer-oriented seminars and training programmes on current topics of international business.
• WTC Clubs: Private business clubs providing lounge and dining service for members and their guests.
• Meeting and conference facilities.
• Space for trade fairs and exhibitions.
• Trade missions: At regular intervals in cooperation with other WTCs.
• Export assistance services: Practical trade assistance for local manufacturers and service providers.



Through our cooperative networks we help to generate new knowledge, stimulating and reinforcing innovative attitudes within member companies. Moreover, WTC Antwerp is renowned for its networking culture, for stimulating innovation…through the interaction of a wide variety of experts and professionals with different backgrounds and different mindsets, giving our members access to widely divergent approaches and ideas.

As part of a global organisation, with extensive knowledge and regional, national and international relations, WTC Antwerp helps companies share experiences and insights, stimulating collaboration and the speedy expansion of new products and services.

Business services tailored to your needs World Trade Center Antwerp is in full growth. Every day, new members strengthen the capabilities of our organisation and the options we are able to offer. Training days? Affordable office buildings? International business trips? Market information? Important contact information? Exclusive discounts on conferences? You’ll find everything you need via WTC Antwerp. Join today.


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