World Happiness Summit

Hoping to achieve its goal of co-creating a more positive and happier world




WOHASU® Foundation is the organizing body behind the premier World Happiness Summit® and H-20 Government Meeting focused on increasing wellbeing at the individual, community, corporate, and civic levels.

WOHASU serves as a networking platform for attendees, experts, and partners where new ideas are incubated, and innovative programs and services are created.

WOHASU strives to educate individuals, organizations, businesses and civic leaders about the importance of learning and implementing data-driven tools and policies that increase happiness and wellbeing.

Happiness research and practices provide proven advantages that help optimize the actions and wellbeing of individuals, organizations and communities.

Through the promotion of these science-based principles, the foundation hopes to achieve its goal of co-creating a more positive and happier world.

The World Happiness Summit® gathers the top experts in the science of happiness, positive psychology, sustainability, economics, mindfulness, health and wellbeing to create an inclusive event that unites people from around the world with the purpose of learning, experiencing and practicing tools that assist people on the path to self-actualization, wellbeing and happiness.

Our expert keynote speakers use their vision, time, creativity and passion for good to share about the benefits of choosing happiness with a global audience.

The 4th Annual World Happiness Summit: Happiness Revolution takes place on March 13-15, 2020, in Miami, FL.

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