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Owning one of Canada’s most successful Healthcare Recruiting Agencies, Workwolf’s Cofounder and CEO, Erik Simins, spent years working with enterprise companies to help establish more efficient ways to identify, attract and hire talent. Overseeing thousands of hiring cycles, one thing was very clear; resumes were the prominent source of data used by employers to filter talent and that the resumes used for this were incredibly inaccurate. In fact, the data on resumes in the North American job market are embellished or overtly false more than 50% of the time. This bad data costs employers more than half a trillion dollars every year.

This $660 billion problem is what Workwolf is solving and since commercializing the platform in late 2021, they’re winning the battle. Fortunately, both federal and provincial governments, institutional venture capitalists and angel groups all feel that this is a problem worth solving and have helped to fund Workwolf’s innovation for the last three years to develop leading edge technology to help improve North America’s employment market data.

Incorporated under the name BlockAble Inc. in 2017, Workwolf’s early beginnings were focused on leveraging blockchain technology with a platform called ‘ABL’ for commercial application in the employment market, setting out to accomplish four main objectives:
1. To democratize the employment-centric verification data traditionally stored in hard to access silos
2. To decentralize the data, so that it could easily flow between job applicant and employer, without a third-party verifier
3. To make the data immutable so that once verified, it could be repurposed and rendered tamper-proof to prevent falsification
4. To open the verification channels so that critical employment screening data could be refreshed by an employer, recruiter or professional

In essence, Workwolf is developing the next generation of resume, one that is verifiable in real-time and provides employers with predictive analytics, delivering better applicant matches who will perform better in their new jobs, last longer in their positions and can be filtered in or out much faster and earlier in the hiring process.

Blockchain is well known for its application in cryptocurrency but has just started to make waves in other applications such as supply chain and credential verification. Workwolf was ahead of the curve, beginning
research and development on blockchain’s commercial viability for credential verification in 2017. The company’s initiative in the blockchain sector technology has earned Workwolf multiple global innovation awards and recognition from both government and private sectors.


In 2020, the City of Toronto and Mayor John Tory presented Workwolf with the honor of first prize for Transformational Platform & Entrepreneurship at the Enterprise Blockchain Awards. Before presenting the trophy, the mayor shared “on behalf of the City of Toronto, we are so proud to support this kind of leading-edge technology… and I’d like to congratulate all of the finalists, winners and change makers who are doing their part to lead the way for blockchain technology.

Toronto is second only to Silicon Valley as the world’s most influential innovation hub and in 2020, it was Toronto’s own Workwolf who competed against and beat out finalists from Asia, Europe and the United States to take home the award.


In 2021, Workwolf was again invited to represent Canada as a finalist at the Vivatechnology awards in France. With over 30 countries represented, Workwolf received the honor of first prize at VivaTech’s Start-Up Innovation Challenge. The award was presented by ManpowerGroup. The world’s third largest, $22B/yr, recruiting company. Erik Simins accepted the award on behalf of Workwolf from Manpower’s Global Chief Innovation Officer and received special mention in the category of ‘Automating Recruitment’.

The team at Workwolf is made up of developers, digital marketers, and business leaders from all over the world. Spanning Brazil, Argentina, Poland and Canada, the Workwolf “pack” is united behind the company’s mission to “Unleash the Power of Truth”, providing employers a better way to find, screen and filter talent.

With an expansive roadmap for ongoing technical innovation, the company plans to launch the Alpha Board in 2023 so that authenticated job seekers can connect directly with employers and vice versa based on predictive analytic benchmarking and credential pre-requisites that are verifiable in real-time through Workwolf’s patent pending Digital Work Passport. The long term vision of Workwolf’s CEO, Erik Simins is to replace the archaic self-proclaimed resume and entrench a new secure, accessible and reliable digital repository of portable digital credentials as the new gold standard for the employment market.

Growing their user base rapidly after commercializing their BETA platform in late 2021, employers, recruiters and jobseekers who use the technology are enjoying a vastly improved hiring process. In early 2022, Workwolf is already demonstrating impressive customer acquisition metrics paving the way for ideal product-market fit that will accelerate the company’s growth in the second half of 2022. If the company continues to rally adoption in the years to come, inflated digital profiles may become of a thing of the past and truthfulness will become a positive differentiator in the job market.

To try the Workwolf’s filtration and verification technology please visit By signing up and using sharing the code “INNOVATETO” with your onboarding specialist, BETA users receive free access to the platform and will also get a $50 verification credit.

Workwolf’s Board of Directors is led by Dan Shea, co-founder of Celestica and Ron Leith, previous GM of IBM’s hardware and networking division and Erik Simins, 4 time founder, Workwolf’s CEO and the subject matter expert in enterprise hiring practices.

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