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Workland’s Vision:

Workland envisioned a world where it would take a few days to find the perfect job or recruit the ideal candidate, instead of taking a few months.

A world where people would be instantly connected with the right employers, with the right companies, with the right jobs, at the right time.

A world where employers would recruit based on fit, motivation, drive, ability and willingness to accomplish, seeing beyond CVs, right into the core of human potential.

A world where anything is possible and where there would be no career hurdles such as age, race, type or lack of experience, physical appearance and religious beliefs.

At Workland, we believe…

  • That recruitment & job search MUST be done differently
  • That the future of HR lies in a balance between technology AND human creativity
  • In challenging the status quo in regards to employment & recruitment practices
  • That the ‘‘right to be happy at work’’ should be considered a basic human right, available to all
  • That some of the best work matches will result from looking beyond CVs and job descriptions
  • That every human being has untapped potential that can be unleashed by being in the right job, in the right company, at the right time

Finally, we believe in UNICORNS!

Our vision of Unicorns

For Workland, Unicorns represent the exceptionally talented and gifted, those born with an almost mystical drive to achieve greatness and contribute to the greater good through their special talents. Key individuals who have the ability to achieve the impossible if matched with companies who will believe in them and help them unleash their unlimited potential.

Workland’s mission is to fast-track the matchmaking process between the most talented UNICORNS and the right companies, making sure that both sides look beyond CVs and job descriptions.

The Recruitment Suite Powered by A.I.

WORKLAND created ATLAS, the first recruitment suite that allows the connection and automated “match” between candidates and employers, through embedded A.I. powered pre-selection and psychometric matchmaking capabilities.

The advanced technology developed by Workland:

  • Uses artificial intelligence to “mimic” the decision-making process of recruiters and industrial psychologists within the same streamlined process
  • Offers companies the possibility of customizing the A.I. behind the matching process
  • Automates national & international digital candidate outreach campaigns
  • Presents a virtual marketplace of complimentary HR technologies & services
  • Gives access to a shared pool of candidates allowing for speed and efficiency through social collaboration
  • Adaptable technology to solve tough recruitment challenges of organizations
  • Integrates easily with existing HR systems


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