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Wise Mobility automates violation management for both traditional and shared-mobility fleets, freeing clients from the tedium of paper-based notifications and payments. Its comprehensive yet elegant platform is the cheapest and easiest way to manage parking, toll, and camera violations.

Wise Mobility began three years ago as TIKD, a strictly B2C product that was an easier, cheaper way to handle a traffic ticket. Users could contact TIKD directly, and TIKD hired a lawyer to help them with their fines. The system was a success, but founder Megan Broccoli knew there was more to the equation. There were vehicle fleets—both traditional and shared mobility—all over the country that, for all of their innovation otherwise, were still relying on the U.S.P.S. to deliver notices of fines and violations.

Some companies, Megan would learn, had hired employees whose only task was to monitor the mail for these notices by opening every envelope the company received. It was the most efficient way to ensure that the tickets or fines were paid on time. The citations’ due dates, after all, were based on the date of issue, not the date of receipt—and who knew how long the notices would spend in transit?

“We started to ask instead, ‘What if we didn’t ask people to send their tickets to us; what if we retrieved them electronically?’” Megan says. “The pace of the U.S. Postal Service is the benchmark we have to beat, if you can believe that.” Wise Mobility started integrating with issuing agencies across the country, pulling data on parking, camera, and toll violations in real-time and notifying users immediately of any outstanding fines.

That solved the snail-mail issue and another problem endemic to a fleet: the driver is not always the owner, but the owner is always liable for any tickets. Through its supercharged platform, however, Wise Mobility ensures compliance and liability transfer. Today, Wise Mobility has integrated with over 1,000 issuing agencies, and under its management are 10,000 vehicles—from fleets of over 1,000 to ones of 11—across the country. But it all started in Miami.

“The issuing agencies in the city were super helpful when we requested citation data,” Megan says. “It is publicly available, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easily accessible. Miami was always really open, though, and we started making all of these connections.”

Megan and her team got to know court employees—including Harvey Ruvin, Miami-Dade County’s Clerk of Courts—and eventually the County’s Information Technology team, all of whom were eager to help Wise Mobility garner the bulk citation data it needed to get off the ground. The city’s generosity meant that when it was time to repeat its model and requests elsewhere, Wise Mobility could show that it had the backing of the sixth-largest metro area in the country.

“When the city gave us this data, they also gave us traction and credibility,” Megan says. “We could go to other cities around the country, and their issuing agencies would partner with us because Miami had seen the value of what we were doing. Now Wise Mobility covers more than 1000 cities & agencies across the US.”

This particular application for Wise Mobility’s technology has significant implications not just for American cities, but for communities abroad as well. It’s something Megan and her team are looking forward to making happen. “We’re using really cool innovative technology to build this platform,” she says.

“We’re super scalable, we’re dynamic, and that’s part of what makes the platform so good. We can take any kind of customer, any kind of fleet—anywhere, eventually—and they can use our product because it is so flexible. That’s by design.”

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