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Since arriving in Tampa, Scott Winston has been actively engaged with the Tampa Bay Wave, helping to mentor and advise businesses. Scott is an entrepreneur, visionary leader and co-founder of an International Business Ecosystem Incubator.

Making The Move To Tampa Becoming a Part of the Ecosystem
Scott, his wife Jackie and their three sons Zach, Alex and Jack moved from Seattle Washington in late 2016 after living in the Seattle area for 13 years. Following a family vacation to Florida in July 2016 to visit Jackie’s Dad who lives in The Villages, Scott and his family decided to move to Tampa. In early August 2016, Jackie and the three boys were on a Red-Eye to Tampa, so the boys could start school. It took Scott until January 2017 to join the family full time in Tampa.

A Chicago native, Scott spent the early part of his career working for Motorola in the early days of the mobile industry, moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers focused on M&A and post-merger integration followed by working for Accenture in their Venture Launch group. Scott relocated to Seattle Washington in 2004 to launch a Six Sigma program and run Customer Research for Washington Mutual’s Retail Distribution Network that grew from 1,650 retail store locations to over 2,150 stores, with 24,000 employees. During his time at Washington Mutual, Scott deployed Six Sigma across the Retail Bank, training over 5,000 employees in Six Sigma and launched several innovative programs including introducing Life Cycle Mystery Shopping to the Banking Industry, spearheading programs to eliminate paper from bank branch processes and helped to streamline processes across the bank.

After leaving Washington Mutual, Scott launched Winston Consulting Group, where he provides strategic business advisory to fortune 100 companies and runs transformation programs for companies.

Scott has advised some of the top companies in the world in turning around their operations, growing their business and addressing organization and growth challenges. Companies like Microsoft, Alcoa, Crown Castle, US West, Bell Atlantic, Bell South, McDonald’s, Motorola, and The Reynolds Metal Company have been his clients.

“The Tampa Bay Wave’s mentor network is one of our greatest assets and benefits to our companies. We are fortunate to have many entrepreneurs who have successfully sold their companies as well as C-Level executives actively mentoring our companies. The Bob Francis Mentor of the Year award goes to someone who has unselfishly given an incredible amount of time and talents mentoring Tampa Bay Wave member companies and embodies servant leadership.

We couldn’t be more proud of the 2018 recipient, Scott Winston, and how much he has served the Wave and our companies this year. Scott is also a member of our Accelerator & Mentor Relations Committee, he Chaired our Accelerator Scalability Study, is a member of our Friends of Wave giving program and has hosted several strategic planning and sales training sessions for companies. He modeled the way for our Mentor Network this year and we look forward to his continued impact on the Wave for years to come”
Rich Heruska, Interim Accelerator Director, Tampa Bay WaVE

Since 2011 Scott has served on the Advisory Board of Educational Business Strategies (EBS) an educational 501c3 based out of Seattle that provides practical business teaching to entrepreneurs, business owners and students in 15 countries in developing nations in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

In 2013 Scott Co-Founded Business Impact Networks (BIN), an International Business Ecosystem Incubator and Consultancy. BIN partners and grows locally focused networks of leaders and companies who collaborate to build healthy sustainable communities across the globe. BIN has worked with the government of Iraq to revive agriculture in the region.

Passion for Entrepreneurs
Scott has a passion for entrepreneurs and helping them drive growth in their businesses. Over the last 12 years, Scott had the opportunity to consult, teach and train Business Owners and Entrepreneurs of small and growing companies in The United States and Canada, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Scott is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor and business advisor dedicated to growing the business ecosystems in the Tampa Bay region and around the world.

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