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The Backbone of Many New Ventures Is Intellectual Property

The backbone of many new ventures is intellectual property – a swirl of ideas that can include inventions, branding, product designs, and a variety of intangibles that make an undertaking worth pursuing. Most ventures begin with curious minds asking questions, identifying a gap in a market, or challenging the status quo. Entreps can bring innovations that start a seismic shift in an industry or a concept evolution that can make a significant difference in our daily lives, even when the change seems small.

We’ve modeled our law firm to keep pace with the ever-changing nature and adaptability of the entrepreneurs we work with. In fact, we formed the firm to be able to serve the unique needs of startups and entrepreneurs. Based on their business plans and goals, we help companies and founders identify what ideas might be worth protecting, develop strategies to build a portfolio around those technologies, and make sure they continue to protect their innovations as their ventures continue to grow and pivot and their ideas take new life or reach new milestones.

Together we identify and protect the intellectual property they consider the cornerstone of their new enterprise, focusing on building a foundation of value from day one. Entrepreneurs often have to pivot and adjust to accommodate a changing market, investor suggestions, or practical limitations. If there’s one thing an entrepreneur learns quickly, as they propose their ideas, it’s flexibility to reach their market and to tailor it to an interested audience.

When we started Wilson Dutra Innovation Law in Jacksonville, Florida, we wanted to replicate Camille’s patent experiences working at a Fortune 50 company: exciting and constant collaboration with people working at the peak of their ability on projects they are passionate about. Bringing an idea to life and then to market, requires a supportive team with many moving parts – with intellectual property being just one of those parts. We know the patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret arm is only valuable when it fits into the rest of the business, so we take a collaborative approach and work with each company’s entire team, including marketing, product development, business development, and even other law firms.

Being around the entrepreneurial drive and enthusiasm is incredibly infectious and fuels the firm daily.

We know innovation is happening all around us, particularly in Jacksonville. We want Jacksonville to realize its potential and give voice to its amazing community. For our part, we work to protect the ideas of those pioneers and trailblazers, so they have room, support, and power to forge their own paths.

Wilson Dutra Innovation Law

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