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William Mills Agency (WMA) has been at the forefront of financial technology innovation since its inception. A storied company and perennially one of the top five public relations agencies in Georgia, WMA is trusted by financial companies and institutions around the country and the world.

The agency’s history extends before fintech was a buzzword, and long before the invention of the internet. In 1977, Bill and Eloise Mills, a driven couple and newly graduates of Florida State University founded William Mills Agency as an advertising agency in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. Guided by Bill’s philosophies and general business savvy, the agency grew to become a dominant force in the city’s business landscape. By 1982, WMA found its niche working with its very first fintech clients, securing its legacy and setting the pace for th over four decades, WMA has served hundreds of companies providing a wide range of products and services across the financial services and technology landscape including the banking, payments, mortgage, credit union and other related markets.

As the agency evolved, one thing has remained at the center of its success: family. Bill and Eloise’s sons, William and Scott, joined them at the agency, eventually moving into leadership roles. In an industry that often sees frequent turnover, the aspect of family is evident in the agency’s longevity. With nearly 30 years of proven leadership and industry experience and a rich, deep understanding of the financial technology landscape and its media, William and Scott are able to provide clients with the critical insights and guidance they need to succeed and grow. WMA is not only a place tuned into the needs of the industry, but also a place where younger associates can learn from industry veterans and grow their careers.

WMA has remained a recognized leading voice and trailblazer in the fintech space, helping to directly raise and impact the industry’s success. Without a playbook to study the specific public relations needs of the fintech industry, the Mills created their own way of doing business. William and his wife, Alecia Mills, developed the Intelligent Information Integration (I3) planning process in 1995 which is still used by the agency today. This framework has helped WMA build successful PR and marketing plans for hundreds of clients, ensuring it reaches the right audiences.

Lacking a detailed guidebook for the trends of the broader industry, the agency began publishing its annual “Bankers As Buyers” report in 2002, an informative analysis of emerging fintech trends positioned to impact the industry in the coming year. A key initiative led by Scott each year, the report has been a hit for clients and industry leaders alike and is regarded as a premier source of valuable opinions and insights from top executives.

Always at the forefront of fintech innovation, from the introduction of online banking to artificial intelligence, WMA has confidently guided clients through the evolution in the financial industry. Its staff of talented account executives and professional communicators understand the industry’s topics of interest, the information needed and how to best reach today’s financial editors and reporters with relevant ideas and content that will stand out, leveraging their knowledge and connections to generate millions of dollars in earned media placements for clients. In addition to PR efforts, William Mills Agency also manages successful content marketing and lead generation programs through its dedicated Marketing Services team for a host of clients. The agency is a HubSpot gold certified partner as well as a HubSpot Impact Award winner.

William Mills Agency is truly a special place with a deep understanding of the financial landscape and the issues, trends and stories driving it. With over 45 years of proven experience, it remains a relevant and respected leader in communications for the financial technology industry. Staying true to its core vision, treating employees and clients with respect an value. In Atlanta, the Mills family has deep connections, with the agency and its staff actively engaged throughout the local fintech community.

As the financial industry evolves, WMA evolves with it, remaining in step with the new technologies and trends driving it, providing effective and creative ways to generate value for our clients and ensuring they are always in front of the right audience at the right time.

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