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At the height of the energy boom, Wild + Pine was created to help restore, reclaim, and conserve some of Alberta’s most challenging and remote landscapes across the industry. Something they do well, but regenerating Canada’s great boreal forest isn’t for the faint of heart.

Today, Wild + Pine develops verified nature-based carbon removal assets on behalf of global climate leaders; efforts fueled by the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change. The common thread throughout Wild + Pine’s evolution is that they work with the world’s most powerful, scalable, and accessible tool to address excess atmospheric carbon emissions – trees.

“Our national identity is defined by nature; Canada’s large land-bank and strong governance will continue to serve businesses across the country seeking sound and credible carbon removals. This also positions us as a trusted and secure landing-pad for significant international climate investment.” Chris Kallal, Founder and CEO of Wild + Pine.

Canada’s forests offer a unique opportunity in a global marketplace hungry for verified carbon removals. Wild + Pine’s unique approach builds natural capital assets on behalf of their corporate partners, allowing for access to high-quality, registered carbon removals as they fast forward to2050 – an approach that insulates Wild + Pine’s clients from an everchanging carbon market. As a team of environmental professionals their methodology is aimed to improve what they hope a future carbon market will look like, while doubling down on what Wild + Pine does best.

But it doesn’t stop there. Being located at the heart Canada’s energy transition has served Wild + Pine in more ways than one. Alberta has built and re-built a globally leading energy industry, it is home to some of the best engineers and toolmakers on the planet. Wild + Pine is leaning into this creativity and ingenuity through the development of their Bioprism Advanced Vertical Greenhouse, located at the Edmonton International Airport.

Kaitlyn Scaber, Director of Projects & Sustainability, and Chris Kallal, Founder & CEO

Bioprism AVG is Canada’s first fully artificial and vertical greenhouse for the commercial production of tree seedlings. Using programmable multi-spectral horticulture lighting, the facility can produce crops year round while tailoring the growing conditions to the site where the trees will be deployed. Wild + Pine’s technology multiplies the annual production of conventional growing while addressing some of the critical challenges faced across the greenhouse industry, such as labour, space, and a northern climate that often precludes optimal growing conditions.

In recent years, the demand for tree seedlings has compounded globally. As has the need for transparent, traceable, and verified carbon removals. Wild + Pine’s approach and vertically integrated business model has been designed to address the shortages across the industries to provide sophisticated climate leaders with actionable and reliable solutions. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of Wild + Pine’s business model as they position themselves at the forefront of Alberta’s next green industrial revolution.

In 2021 Wild + Pine became Edmonton 8th and Alberta’s 24th Certified B Corporation, and in 2022 was recognized as a Best for the World company, ranking in the global top 5% balancing purpose and profit, in the categories of environment, governance, and workers.

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