White Label Fragrances is a 100% Botswana citizen-owned company. We are an African luxury Niche-Fragrance brand that curates and blends bespoke fragrances, with specially selected raw materials to suit various tastes. We strive to consistently create fragrances and fragranced products that are elegant, luxurious and timeless. All White Label fragrances products are made in Botswana by our dedicated team. Our brand is based on the premise that smelling good should be effortless and be taken as a necessary regiment in daily personal grooming routines.

Our Fragrances cater to both men & women across the age range and we offer a wide variety of scents. Our products also provide aromatherapy solutions for the home and office. We believe in continuously evolving our offering to you to reflect global perfumery trends while maintaining a distinct African flavor and spirit to our scents.

Our business includes four (4) different production segments. These include personal fragrances, Tones of Wena (our body care range), The Le Lapa X Botswana Collection (aroma solutions for your home) and Scented Signature Marketing (signature scents for your office).

" I’ve always been inspired by life, music and the environment. Working on the artistic tones of “Lelapa” from the White label fragrance line has been invigorating. I leaned on Botswana’s wide array of wildlife and vegetation for inspiration. The intention was to add an exquisite fusion of animal print and Okavango flora to evoke a sense of homeliness. Every piece is timeless, rooted in heritage and encapsulates the richness of Botswana’s natural backdrop. I hope that everyone feels these descriptions when the artwork is in their hands.”

- Ludo Manisa, Motswana Fine Artist

Le Lapa X Botswana – When Scent meets Culture

Our name is derived from the Setswana word for home; “Le-Lwa-Pa”.

Home. A happy place. Where one lives, laughs, rests and loves. A place where safety, peace and joy thrive. The place where unforgettable memories are made with our nearest and dearest. We’ve created a variety of stunning products to contribute to the personality and warmth of your home including scented candles and diffusers.

Empowering Creatives in our Community
At White Label Fragrances we pride ourselves in meaningful collaborations and empowerment of creatives in communities across Botswana. For the Lelapa X Botswana collection, we collaborated with Batswana women from Gabane Pottery who hand-made our exquisite candles and diffuser jars. Within the same project we also collaborated with Ludo Manisa; a local fine artist whose artistic touch and delicate brush strokes are illustrated on our candle-holders and diffuser jars.

Tones of Wena Deliciousness for your Skin
Our Body Care Range presents a collection of goodies that have been created to nourish your skin and leave you feeling good and smelling delightful. We pride ourselves in infusing African indigenous ingredients in our formulations such as Morula, and Baobab oil just to name a few.

" White Label Fragrances has uplifted our community and instilled a great sense of artistic pride in us. We see the art from our hands in action, every time we see the products that we have contributed to! The proceeds from our relationship with White Label Fragrances have directly contributed to the economic empowerment of several female lead households in Gabane and we remain immensely grateful to them!”

- Gabane Pottery


+267 714 819129
Office: Shop 16, Riverwalk Mall Gaborone Warehouse: Unit 12 Craft Market, Broadhurst
Gaborone, Botswana

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