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20 Years of Excellence in Domain Names and Online Security

Webnames.ca is Canada’s original domain name registrar that enables corporations and small businesses to secure their identities online. John Demco, a co-founder of Webnames.ca is widely regarded as the Godfather of the Canadian Internet for his pioneering role in setting up the .CA domain in 1987. Cybele Negris, CEO and co-founder is a serial entrepreneur, business leader and speaker who serves on the boards of leading Canadian firms. A culture of innovation and excellence fostered by the leadership team has seen Webnames be trusted to manage corporate domain and brand portfolios for marquee firms such as McDonalds, Loblaws, Globe and Mail and Aritzia.

Pioneering Vision

In 1987, John Demco, then a Computing Facilities Manager at the University of British Columbia laid the foundations for Canada’s very own domain extension, .CA and helped educational institutions, governments and companies register their names on the world wide web. A meticulous scientist and innovator, John partnered with a team of astute minds including CEO, Cybele Negris, to then establish Webnames.ca as the first domain registrar for the .CA domain name and has been instrumental in its growth over two decades. As the internet has grown from a quixotic experiment into an omnipresent element of modern life, John’s vision and Cybele’s commitment to excellence have made Webnames.ca Canada’s choice to register, host and protect its brands.

Cybele Negris - Webnames.ca Inc.

John Demco - Webnames.ca Inc.

2000-2020: A quest for excellence, powered by values

It may be cliched to suggest that success is a journey and not a destination, but it is this relentless pursuit of perfection that has led Webnames.ca to its standing in the industry. “Amaze every customer with exceptional service” is a core value of Webnames.ca and this has seen the company build on its first-mover advantage as the first domain registrar for .CA domains. To accomplish this, Webnames has continually improved its product offerings to include 800+ domain extensions, Web Hosting, SSL certificates, WordPress Hosting, DNS Hosting, Website Builders, Brand Protection, Trademark Clearinghouse, Domain Name Monitoring as well as the Corporate Domain Portfolio management service. In addition to a rapidly evolving product suite, a fully bilingual support team is the backbone to Webnames’ success.

Webnames.ca has earned the implicit trust of thousands of Canadian businesses over the years with a culture of “always be improving”. As several long-term customers will happily attest, Webnames.ca may be in a Business to Business (B2B) industry, but the relationship and trust between the account managers and stakeholders is key to the company’s success in delivering on customer needs.

A third core value that the Webnames leadership team has identified is to “Make a positive difference” to act as a responsible organization that contributes to social equity and charitable initiatives. As a women-owned, women-led business, Webnames.ca is accredited by WBE Canada and the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council. As a climate-conscious business, it is also certified by ClimateSmart. Cybele Negris is a contributor to Women in Technology advocacy groups and uses her public profile and role on boards to build the case for gender equality.

Marquee brands that trust Webnames.ca for domains: Saputo, Loblaws, The Globe and Mail, Tangerine, PostMedia, Canada Goose, McDonalds Canada, Mazda, and many more!

Why Webnames

Webnames has had a spotless AAA ranking on the Better Business Bureau for 20 years now. For the next twenty, a continued focus on innovation, and great service grounded in values provides a change to an exciting roadmap. The rapid shift to digital, spurred by the pandemic has created risks for small and large businesses and Webnames’ newest products offer a glide path for businesses looking to make the transition.

As Cybersecurity threats increase, brand protection online assumes central importance, particularly in the knowledge economy. Intellectual property protection using trademark defense, protection against domain squatting, HTTPS and SSL lifecycle management are some of the big problems that IT and infrastructure teams around the world are grappling with. Webnames.ca can offer a fully managed service that helps companies acquire, manage, and protect their digital brands and properties with state-of-the-art technology. A team of experienced domain experts backed by a platform built for security and automation helps businesses protect their turf online.

Webnames Corporate is geared to help large organizations with multiple teams manage their own products with minimal effort – access control through parent-child accounts, unified billing through designated finance roles, net30 billing and more. Whether it is monitoring for brand keywords across millions of domains registered globally to detect trademark infringements, or multi-factor authentication on user accounts for security, Webnames services cover a wide gamut of offerings to meet evolving needs over the next two decades.

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