Every year, we produce 2.12 billion tons of waste globally. Wastack contributes to the development of the circular economy by changing the way we pay for our waste. Wastack’s AI-based camera allows waste facilities to charge their customers based on the type of waste they throw away, instead of basing the price solely on the weight of material. This revolutionizes the concept of what the polluter pays and is disrupting the business model of the whole waste industry.

It all started back in 2017, when Mathieu Hamel and Julien Chosson began helping a landfill in Quebec to solve their bird problem issues. They created a company to develop bird control tools, and quickly noticed that reliable tools required constant human supervision to operate effectively. This is why in 2018, they started developing their first AI to detect, position and deter birds in landfills. It took their team a year before they had a completely autonomous operation. It was then that they realized they had just created an AI capable of detecting a small object at a long distance in a complex and constantly changing industrial environment. This competitive advantage would determine the future of the company.

Since then, they’ve applied the same principle to analyze the waste stream and enhance our waste as a resource. This new approach has a much greater and more positive impact on the environment, and it is now the main business of the company. Wastack is helping the waste industry to build a sustainable business model that will allow for higher recycling rates, and successful integrations of compost, recycling facilities and circular initiatives. Wastack are now partnering with the largest waste companies in the world to make this a global trend.

If you too, want your community to have successful circular initiatives, recycling and waste treatment plants, let them know how Wastack can help introduce a new way to charge for waste and help transform it into a resource for future generations.

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