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The University of Florida Warrington College of Business is a leader in business education. The College innovates to better serve its students and alumni with unique program offerings to benefit their future and the world.

Dean John Kraft

The University of Florida Warrington College of Business is the birthplace of forward-thinking business leaders. From freshman students learning the basics of business to Ph.D. students growing knowledge to shape future generations, Warrington stands out as a global leader in business education with 6,800+ students.

Warrington’s impact is proven through strong rankings from the world’s most respected publications. The College is host to a top five online MBA program, five master’s programs ranked in the top five, a top 10 accounting school, a top 15 undergraduate business school, and full-time and part-time MBA programs ranked in the top 20. All of these programs are available with the support of a top 10 public university.

Warrington is home to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, which teaches, coaches and inspires students to be entrepreneurial in their lives. The Center annually assists 300+ student ventures, reaches 3,500+ total students and hosts 25+ courses in entrepreneurship that are taken by 2,500+ students.

Many schools claim it, but Warrington faculty members actually are the top minds in business. Their research is highlighted in top industry journals, and they’re often quoted by some of the most impactful news sources in the world. Their expertise translates to the classroom, where they mold future business leaders every day on the Warrington campus.

The student experience starts in the classroom, but it grows to provide unrivaled personal and professional growth. Warrington encourages students to have a global mindset, and it ensures that happens through study abroad. More than half of undergraduate business students graduate with an international experience. Warrington has long prioritized ensuring students leave the UF campus with their sights on the world.

Warrington’s Business Career Services office is a resource for students at every part of their journey. The office helps connect students to employment opportunities and hosts the top names in business for on-campus recruiting events. According to The Economist, Warrington’s Business Career Services office ranks No. 1 in the world in Alumnus Rating of Career Service.

The heart of Warrington is its alumni. There are currently 73,100+ Warrington alumni globally shaping businesses, non-profits, government, and the world. They’ve taken what they learned as Business Gators and put it to use to better the world. Because receiving their diploma from Warrington isn’t about the piece of paper – it’s a commitment to innovate and lead for the rest of their lives.

The Warrington College of Business is an innovative environment for business education. The Gator Hatchery is an important resource for students who want support for their venture. It’s a student incubator that offers student entrepreneurs workspace, office support, mentors and other resources necessary for a startup to succeed. The Hatchery is hosted in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, an important place in the College that inspires students to be entrepreneurial in their lives.

The College’s MBA program was a pioneer in the online MBA industry. While most colleges have broken into the online space for higher education today, Warrington was one of the first involved. UF MBA first offered an online MBA program in 1999 and Warrington offered its first fully online undergraduate degree in 2001. The College’s online degree options have continued to grow since then through all levels of education.

Today, the UF MBA program continues to evolve. Program options grow and change frequently, ensuring that they are most current and up to date with the needs of prospective students and the business world. From increasing flexibility to decreasing the amount of campus visits, UF MBA has a program for prospective students in every stage of life.

As specialty education takes off around the world, Warrington was also an early adopter in this space. Specialized master’s programs started at Warrington in 1994 and have continued to grow. Today, there are programs available in entrepreneurship, finance, international business, management, marketing, real estate and information systems and operations management. The specialized master’s programs have recently begun adding online versions.

The innovative spirit is also prevalent at the Heavener School of Business, UF’s undergraduate business school. Heavener is introducing Gator Ready, a program that will provide employers with access to the best students in a more sophisticated way while simultaneously improving the Heavener student experience. No business school has ever done this before at this scale with more than 5,500 students.

This innovative platform enables Heavener students to showcase their specific leadership and career readiness capabilities to employers, measured across eight competencies. Recruiters will have access to each student’s competencies to help find a perfect fit for their position.

Wanting to ensure that graduates were prepared to stand out on day one of their jobs, the school developed a track that requires second-year students to take a career class that prepares them for their internships and future careers. Third-year students take a leadership class that teaches them to be an impactful leader in their future roles.

It’s all part of the constant theme of innovation at Warrington. It’s a welcoming environment for improvements focused on progressing the business world.

Warrington College of Business

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