What’s in a name?
In this case – everything! Warona is a Setswana pronoun, which translates to “ours” in English. The fact of the matter is the law is “ours” – all of us, made by us to govern and protect us. It also happens to be the middle name of the Founding Partner, who saw it befitting to serve as the firm’s brand and its philosophy when setting up shop back in 2019.

Warona Law Office identifies as a boutique law firm that practices in niche areas of the law. Our attorneys are seasoned and qualified to offer counsel on a wide array of issues but have elected to explicitly exclude criminal law as part of its offerings. We have come to learn that disciplinary silos can inadvertently cause scotomas. Real life legal issues often crisscross disciplines and sometimes jurisdictions. Our driving force is untangling issues and coming up with innovative solutions within the confines of the law.

We boast a young team of professionals who are solution seekers first. Our model has as one of its key objectives to provide quality service that is client focused and accessible. To this end, top talent in fields such as administration of estates, property law, commercial law, human rights and litigation serves as an asset to the operations of the firm.

All our clients are important to us, which is the reason we make ourselves accessible on numerous platforms to be able to respond at the earliest convenience. Setting ourselves apart came as an adaptation response as the pandemic surged in the formative months of the firm.

Visibility and social media presence are critical to our model. Topics and various themes are shared to increase legal literacy within the populace on topical issues and common misconceptions. The reception has thus far been encouraging, with a following which continues to grow organically.

Oratile Warona Gaopotlake, Managing Partner

The practice has grown to seek out issues concerning human rights law and aiding marginalised groups. Strides have been made in bridging the legislative gap on issues of sexual harassment in the private sector, for example, through the development of inhouse policies and conducting internal investigations on the subject matter. In our own space, we chase having a safe working environment for all with the freedom to dress professionally without fear or discomfort of being harassed in the workplace.

With regards to marginalised communities, the firm is actively assisting a few community trusts with protecting their interest’s vis a vis managing natural resources within their respective communities. Our country is rich in wildlife and natural resources. If we do right by the next generation, we would enjoy the natural endowment while ensuring sustainable and green development.

The above mentioned areas of the law are not popular amongst our peers, but our attorneys are finding purpose and fulfilment in occupying the unoccupied spaces in the legal fraternity. The human rights wing is budding and continuing to expand as our network grows and reaches far and wide.

This nomination has served as confirmation that we are doing something right! It is truly an honour to have been singled out and praised for taking the road less travelled. We will continue to grow and make a difference in the Botswana which we pride ourselves in.

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