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Imagine being part of the world’s largest brick-and-mortar retailer helping support one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic e-commerce organizations in existence. That’s what it’s like to be part of Walmart Labs.

Walmart Labs is the embodiment of innovation as it breaks new ground in the development of industry-changing solutions to simplify the in-store and online shopping experience for millions of daily shoppers.

From using machine learning to optimize the manner in which online grocery orders are picked by store associates, to expanding our supply chain network by building a new last-mile delivery platform, to using in-store robotics making it easier to identify out of stock, mispriced, or mislabeled products on the shelf, Walmart is creating the shopping experience of the future allowing customers to shop anytime, anywhere.

Walmart Labs is the tech arm of Walmart focused on providing innovative solutions to streamline the shopping experience for over 270 million daily shoppers across 11,000 stores worldwide.

Formed in April of 2011, after the acquisition of search engine company Kosmix, Walmart Labs has spent eight years building its technology brand attracting over 7,000 engineers located in tech centers distributed coast-to-coast and internationally.

Walmart Labs found its roots in Southern California through happenstance. In 2012, Walmart Labs was exploring opportunities to expand its technology footprint in other locations. Through a series of conversations, Walmart Labs leadership found Claude Jones and offered him an opportunity he could not turn down. The chance to create a Walmart Labs office in Carlsbad helping to attract talent, build the Walmart technology brand, while solving technology problems at Walmart scale.

Not only would this add value to help Walmart achieve its technology goals, it was a win for San Diego as you had a Fortune 1 company investing in San Diego, creating job opportunities; helping to put San Diego on the map as a tech powerhouse.

Walmart saw from the start that San Diego has all the right ingredients to be a true tech city. Between the untapped talent pool, the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses and organizations, and the quality of life San Diego has to offer, Walmart believes San Diego is primed to be the tech hub of the future.

And with their initial investment with 13 engineers in a 1,000 sf, building. The commitment to San Diego has held strong over the last seven years. Walmart has grown the office by 93% with over 170 associates creating job opportunities across engineering, product, program, user experience and data science disciplines. In addition, as of October 2018, Walmart Labs moved into a new 30,000 sf tech center which is a hub in north county bringing technologists together helping to inspire and promote innovation across the region.

As Walmart Labs continues on its transformation journey of becoming a technical powerhouse, it will continue to look for opportunities to invest in San Diego as a source of innovative thought and talent.

Walmart Labs

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