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We are a firm that actively listens. We take the time to truly understand our client’s needs, then leverage this understanding to deliver a customized solution that is focused on human interaction and wellbeing. It’s called People Centered Design and it is our passion.

Our mission at Walker Architects is to make old spaces new, new spaces timeless, and think beyond the limits of architecture. We design buildings not for ourselves or awards but for people and places with complex needs.

Each design is a customized solution to improve the lives of the people interacting with the space, ensuring that your space will be right for you.

We listen and we’re curious. You play an integral role in developing the design. We believe in the team approach and collaborate with owners, user groups and other professionals to deliver projects that work. You also have a partner until the end. The design isn’t done until people move in and space becomes place.

Our clients know us as the architect of choice for quality design and exceptional customer service. We don’t simply follow the rules; we challenge them to make sure the results exceed your expectations. Through empathy, wonder, and passion, we’re able to connect on a deep level, resulting in useful, smart, and transformative design.

The multi-phase expansion of Exactech’s Gainesville campus is a prime example of our inclusive design process.

“We just need more space….”

The project was initially conceived as a stand-alone building adjacent to the existing facility. We put our practice of empathy to work by conducting workshops and interviews with the entire company to learn about their culture and what their work day looked like. A theme of disconnection began to emerge as we listened to what was said and what was unsaid. This process of discovery led the Walker Architects team to create a first-ever master plan for Exactech, which illustrated 5-, 10-, and 15-year milestones. We offered several scenarios during the master-planning process that would allow the architecture to support and encourage a company culture focused on innovation, storytelling, and collaboration.

The result was a comprehensive revisioning of the project to expand the existing facility, with the goal of enhancing workflows and interactions for the entire company. Our challenge was to help Exactech improve collaboration and provide a space that would be tailored to their culture. Collaboration was  taking place; they simply needed our help to elevate what was already happening, boost productivity, and create more space for connection. Now they have it.

We create buildings that raise the standards of architecture for clients who aspire to revolutionize places and elevate human interaction. We work tirelessly as a team to deliver not only beautiful and functional architecture, but the right space for each and every client.

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