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A pair of mighty planters with beautiful olive trees will teleport you to Italy or the South of France in a flash. Made from robust high-quality steel, WALFiLii is perhaps the most durable planter we know. Innovative design purely Made in Belgium. You can choose from an astonishing variety of RAL colours based on fine structure finishes, shades, effects, textures and bonded metallics that take any design to the next level. They are also environmentally friendly and durable.

WALFiLii stands for Antwerp’s innovative design

Innovation is deeply rooted in the DNA of WALFiLii. Innovation is in their mindset, in their corporate culture, and their vision and strategy for the future. The designers of WALFiLii rethought the planter and thus a completely renewed product was created that meets the needs and wishes of tomorrow.

Beautiful,sleek and robust. In countless trendy colours and award-winning finishes, which not only look super cool, but are also easy to maintain, ecological, durable, colourfast and frost resistant. Innovation at WALFiLii also means, for example, atmospheric LED lighting and automatic watering to optimize your “feel good” experience. In short, the holistic approach. WALFiLii does not actually sell planters but offers atmosphere and wellness. WALFilii carries out its Antwerp mission far beyond national borders.

WALFiLii in Knokke

Hotel La Réserve in Knokke has them: beautiful white lacquered planters bordering the hotel room terraces in an organic and cosy way. Earlier this year, Knokke decided to give its Lippenslaan even more cachet with WALFiLii planters. They opted for beautiful geometric corten steel tubs so that their iconic fashionable shopping street now exudes even more character, and if possible, is even more cosy and attractive.

WALFiLii in Southern France’s Nice and St-Tropez

The Brussels Avenue Louise bordered its footpaths with large WALFiLii tree planters in Corten steel. But cities such as Nice in the south of France also want more green on the streets. It is called functional and aesthetic green. The capital of the Cote d’Azur resolutely opted for the beautiful WALFiLii design, their solid steel quality and their extensive colour palette. And Saint-Tropez discovered how WALFiLii fits perfectly with its image and appearance. These are indeed beautiful international projects that give the brand a certain status.

Corten steel is trendy, as is black, white, turquoise and pink

At WALFiLii they have a sense of colour harmony and style. Sleek, sunny gardens and terraces call for glossy white or matte black planters. But also consider the much sought-after turquoise, which unconsciously refers to tropical seas and idyllic beaches. Ibiza lovers like to combine with shiny pink. The powder coating to colour these containers is the most colourfast, weather-resistant and reliable on the market.

WALFiLii fire plates in many sizes

The WALFiLii fire plates are made of one thick sheet of concave Corten steel. This metal alloy of iron, copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium has a rusty appearance. That rust is only superficial. In fact: Corten steel has something industrial and trendy. Strangely enough, that thin layer of rust protects the steel inside so that your fire plate will last for generations. Fire plates set the mood for wonderful evenings in your garden throughout the four seasons.

Mega water features

Do you want a pond in your garden? With fish and water lilies? With a hydraulic crane, WALFiLii places such a gigantic water feature where you want it. The water reservoir is filled and the corten steel has its handsome industrial look in no time.

The one and only original

The other WALFiLii products also receive this innovative attention. How do you recognize the original WALFiLii planters, fire plates and water features? By the sleek logo that is lasered into the steel. The guarantee for innovation, timeless reliability, Belgian design and top quality.

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