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Guided by the desire to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition and the reduction of the environmental footprint in urban, industrial and port environments, the cities of Bécancour, Shawinigan and Trois-Rivières as well as the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières have joined forces. Thereby, was born the innovation zone Vallée de la transition énergétique (VTE). The deployment of the innovation zone will enable the Province of Québec to stand out globally as a leader in decarbonization technologies.

Officially innovation zone since June 2023, the VTE is rooted in a highly competitive ecosystem committed to the sustainable and circular energy transition. Many collaborations between research, innovation, industry, education and entrepreneurship are already well established.

“The VTE is becoming a world-class catalyst to enable us to consolidate Québec’s leading position in the battery sector, the electrification of transportation, renewable hydrogen and industrial-port decarbonization. We provide knowledge, entrepreneurship and industry stakeholders with an attractive environment for talent and investment, essential elements to support our impulses and ambitions.

In this way, we will propel research and innovation to achieve the highest standards in terms of sustainability and circularity. Our innovations will be better valued to propel Quebec businesses and create wealth in our economy through strong and sustained market momentum.” – Alain Lemieux, CEO, VTE.

The three objectives of the VTE

  1. Bring together three cities with a legacy of industrial and energy innovation that has been built around the Saint-Maurice River and St-Laurent.
  2. Federate intersectoral expertise focused on key sectors of the energy transition.
  3. Create infrastructure and an ecosystem conducive to research and innovation, in addition to connecting and strengthening existing assets, towards a low-carbon future.

All the conditions are in place to showcase Québec’s expertise in niches that will shape Québec’s energy future. The VTE will be able to provide technological and economic solutions to the societal and ecological challenges of today and tomorrow.

‘’Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited, while imagination encompasses the whole world, stimulates progress, inspires evolution.‘’ – Albert Einstein

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