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A Big Voice For Small Businesses

While there are numerous companies that offer voice-calling solutions or text message marketing, VoxDirect has been the only company to put both voice and text marketing features on one unified platform and make it affordable for any size business. What would normally cost small business owners hundreds or even thousands of dollars to piece together these services are now available on one simple-to-use app, starting at only $39/mo.

Why Small Businesses? “We strongly believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. We believe in small business owners as the catalyst for economic growth and have made it our mission to innovate new communication solutions with them and their customers in mind,” says Executive Chairman and Co-founder Bryan Hertz.

What makes this company so intriguing is its “people first” culture. More than just an ideology, Voxox has made it a driving core value in both customer support and how they reward their communication consultants that represent their VoxDirect brand. Voxox has solved two major needs in the small business marketplace. First, they are driving down the cost of must-have communication tools. And second, they have created a unique compensation model for their work-from-home consultants that allows ordinary people to earn extraordinary income by helping the small business community.

Executive Vice President Staci Wallace explains the Voxox and VoxDirect strategies by saying, “We create easy-to-use communication and marketing tools that help small business owners automate the often laborious and time-consuming activities they don’t like to do so they can get back to doing what they really love. That is why we sincerely believe our brand promise of ‘Making life better for many’ will drive innovation and help us continue to deliver great value to the small business community. It’s also the foundation behind our community of Independent Certified Consultants that will help us reach the millions of small business owners today.”


When Voxox was established by co-founders Bob, Bryan, and Kevin Hertz in 2006, no one could have predicted the impact it would have in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic deeply affected small businesses throughout our nation.

Eight months prior to the global crisis, Voxox had already launched their VoxDirect brand with a clear focus on empowering small business owners with advanced communication tools, calling features, and text message marketing that would allow businesses to operate remotely and enable meaningful connections with their customers. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, these features proved to be invaluable to small business owners as they shifted from old-school office-based phone solutions and email marketing methods into new mobile-first solutions like a cloud-based phone system, text message marketing, and automation.


While work habits have continued to shift in the marketplace, the utilization of cloud-based communication tools and work-from-home solutions have paved the way for a new workforce to emerge. By providing affordable phone solutions that formerly were only available to big business enterprises, VoxDirect is giving small businesses a big voice. Now, even micro-businesses and solo-preneurs can turn any phone or group of mobile phones into a professional, unified phone system with a virtual assistant (press 1 for sales, press 2 for support), multiple extensions, toll-free numbers, and so much more. Plus, the same simple-to-use app offers a complete text message marketing system that has become a must-have service for small businesses.

Today, over 90% of all text messages are opened within three minutes and text message marketing has proven to have over 500% greater engagement rate than emails. No doubt, the San Diego-based Voxox team had clear foresight when launching their B2B brand, VoxDirect, giving a big voice to small businesses.


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