Voxdale is an engineering services and product design firm headquartered in Antwerp which is ready to accelerate your hardware product. We’re equipped with a full prototyping shop, engineering simulations experts, and a team of 30+ engineers and product designers to realize your team’s goals. Our breadth allows us to innovate in ways that internal teams sometimes struggle with, and we can help you translate that back to your team.

Tim Dieryckx, CEO

Founded in 2007, we have more than a thousand projects turning ideas into functional, real-world products. As your trusted engineering and design partner, we know how to make things that work, and work well. We’ll make sure you know your product inside and out, communicating all of our challenges and successes as we develop your vision. Whether a medical device, an e-scooter, or a power-saving dongle, our product designers, engineers, and certification specialists can put together a rockstar product from your vision.

Idevax VAX-ID

Our diverse team brings together an exceptional and broad range of technical and creative talent to amplify each other, with experts in mechanical engineering, product design, electrical engineering, IoT and embedded systems, fluid and thermal simulations, rapid prototyping, design for manufacture, supply chain management, intellectual property, and project management. Our breadth is our superpower, enabling us to truly innovate outside the box.

You might have seen our work around Flanders, whether the Albert’s Smoothie Machine or The Taito, a smart e-scooter. Chances are good you’ve used or know someone who’s used the June dongle on their smart electric meter, or maybe you or a family member have used the Colli-Pee from Novosanis. The point is: you’ve almost certainly seen Voxdale’s excellent work around town.

A glimpse of Voxdale’s team

FASTER FORWARD Voxdale takes on big challenges and produces exceptional products in a variety of industries – medical, industrial, mobility, foodtech, and more. We augment your rapid innovation with simulation to iterate designs more quickly than competitors. It doesn’t stop there – with a talented prototyping team, we can build our designs, from proof of concept to final product. This lets us derisk our designs and keeps production costs down from the very beginning. We’re with you for the whole journey, from concept to product.

TOGETHER How would this collaboration look to you? Well, we’d start with a call to discuss your idea. From there, we’d design a workshop to get our engineers up to speed on your project so we can get moving as quickly as possible to build your product. We’d dive in, designing the architecture and the aesthetics of the device, checking in with you frequently to make sure you liked the direction we were headed. Next, we’d create functional prototypes to demonstrate your new technology. To speed ourselves up, we might choose to create a digital twin – a simulation – of your product so we more deeply understand it. We’ll produce a functional, attractive prototype. From there, you can sit back as we take the product through the certification process and into production We call this the Voxdale Method, and it’s served us well for 15 years of incredible product development. Reach out when you’re ready to realize your dreams!


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