At the pace at which technologies are developing today, the companies need to be in technological innovation mode at all times. This is why Vooban assists businesses in building and executing their digital strategy. Their strength lies in its uniquely complementary services that extend to programming, design, enterprise architecture, AI, IoT, and cloud platforms.

Keeping its startup mindset, Vooban offers many perks for its team like fresh beer, ping pong table, gaming area, flexible hours, and many more. This is what they call the “Vooban Vibe”! The way of creating a “family-wise” environment translates directly in their vision to serve their clients as partners and deliver more than their best in every project.

Here are a few examples of projects that leverage AI to improve business processes and efficiency.
1. Optimization of Productivity and Product Quality at Labplas: Vooban automated the quality control process by implementing a machine learning algorithm that enables the company to better manage the overall quality since the model identifies products that do not meet quality standards. Vooban first identified critical variables having a positive impact on the quality of the product, then collected data from the sensors in place in addition to installing new ones.

2. Optimization of Sorting Process at Patates Dolbec: After annotating more than 20 thousand potato images, Vooban was able to train an algorithm that outperformed the market benchmark and their best quality assurance expert.

3. Optimization of the Sales Forecasting process for a manufacturer of residential heating products: Before, SBI was only using its sales team previsions to predict the organisation’s sales forecasts. Vooban trained an algorithm combining internal and external data that resulted in a 20% gain over predictions based solely on sellers’ forecast.

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