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n. volt·age vol-tij an electromotive force or potential difference expressed in volts.

Our Story
Everything Voltage Control does is in service of empowering clients to reach their full potential. Voltage Control is an Austin-based innovation workshop agency founded by Douglas Ferguson, an entrepreneur and technologist with over 20 years of experience. Voltage Control was created out of a desire to help people bridge the gap between knowing and doing. The company empowers organizations with human-centered design methods that allow them to build better products and experiences.

Voltage Control designs and leads custom innovation workshops and Design Sprints, as developed by Google Ventures. In addition to workshop facilitation, they engage with organizations on digital transformation, innovation training, corporate summits, and strategic planning.

“I found the sprint experience to be a uniquely exhilarating, exhausting and yet enriching experience. I will definitely utilize this approach again.”

– Charlie Goodenough, Senior Marketing Manager, Global, HomeAway

Voltage Control has worked with a breadth of organizations, products & challenges. Some clients include Capital Factory, US AirForce, Texas Water Development Board, Thomson Reuters, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Mutual, Favor, HomeAway, and DropBox.
With a distinctive blend of expertise that includes technology, product strategy, design thinking and prototyping, Voltage Control offers trusted guidance to companies who want to jumpstart their product, project, or way of working.
“Voltage Control helped me and my team engage with internal and external stakeholders to identify effective strategies. The collaborative relationships that began in the workshop continue to flourish.” Paul Vicars, Lead for Pilot Training Next, US Air Force
Our Services

  • Design Sprints: We lead teams through Google Venture’s tried-and-true Design Sprint methodology, a five-day program to tackle challenges through user insights and rapid prototyping.
  • Corporate Innovation Workshops: We program custom executive strategy sessions, leadership retreats, and corporate summits.
    Rapid Discovery Workshops: We design effective project kickoffs for agencies & their clients.
  • Innovation Immersions: Hands-on workshops and coaching that builds your team’s innovation and facilitation skills.

“At the end of the day, we needed to take some time away from the urgent and focus on the important. Voltage Control kept us honest and focused. In just four days together, we accomplished a ton.”- P.J. Tanzillo, Head of Product, Favor, an HEB company

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