VitalTracer is a women-led start-up who have expertise in biomedical and Artificial Intelligence who wanted to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases through constant monitoring and continuous tracking of all vital signs. The available vital signs measuring devices are cumbersome and take measurements only at specific times, making them ineffective in accurately predicting risks.

The co-founders came together to build a medical grade smartwatch, VTLAB, that uses biomedical sensors to continuously collect bio-signals in real-time through the wrist. Bio-signals are then translated into reliable vital sign data such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and body temperature.

VitalTracer began testing and selling its smartwatch to researchers who were interested in using a single device that could collect all the raw signals needed for their research to prepare it for later use by consumers. Initially, patient data was transferred to the researchers via Bluetooth or USB cable.

Today, data is securely stored on the cloud and is accessible anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, VitalTracer developed a machine learning algorithm to identify anomalies. Alerts have been added to the feature set to send a notification directly to the user and the caregiver.

Thanks to this important step in product development, VTLAB was finally ready to serve those it wanted to help first: people at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Senior homes can use VitalTracer’s smartwatch to easily and remotely monitor patient health without intrusion. VitalTracer uses AI to create complete health assessment reports that are sent automatically to healthcare professionals. In the event of something unexpected, nurses and doctors receive an alert on their phone and computer. This feature, combined with the health alert system, is a game-changer in how we monitor our seniors’ health and cardiovascular patients.

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