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Virscio is solving significant human health challenges by reducing the time, cost, and risk of translating concept to clinical success.

Virscio is a mission-driven organization focused on engaging and supporting innovative companies and organizations that share our goal of rapidly translating promising preclinical findings into effective medical interventions to meaningfully impact the lives of patients. We pursue this mission through various partner, collaboration, and contract research activities with a wide range of organizations, spanning venture-backed start-ups, mature biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, academic investigators, federal health institutes, and patient advocacy groups.

Pre-clinical in vivo studies are a well-established means of characterizing and predicting the human response to novel therapeutic interventions and are required by health authorities to assess safety prior to clinical development. In vivo evaluations in non-primate species that diverge more significantly from humans often fail to predict clinical outcomes for a variety of established and emerging therapeutic classes. This contributes to substantially reduced research and development productivity and stalled therapeutic advances. The humane and ethical use of nonhuman primates (NHPs) as the most clinically relevant in vivo test system is essential to generate data sufficiently predictive to reduce the considerable risk and cost of clinical candidate failure. Our improved health care future depends on the data-driven, compassionate application of NHP biomedical research resources to which Virscio is fully committed.

Virscio maintains state-of-the-art research facilities in a highly accessible and hospitable primate source country, home to an abundance of introduced African green monkeys, a non-endangered, Old World species. This biologically clean population is readily, humanely sourced to support translational development programs and has a well-defined genetic background favorable for study designs with minimal necessary sample sizes.

Virscio functions as an extension of your lab; from study design through execution and reporting, Virscio prioritizes transparent, seamless communication with Sponsors to ensure high-quality, actionable scientific results and the generation of unique, strategic biological insights that accelerate and strengthen preclinical study design, execution and interpretation.

Our scientific expertise, collaborative engagement and access to unparalleled primate and related research resources position Virscio as an ideal translational research partner to efficiently generate definitive, actionable data that reduce the time, cost and risk of development for central nervous system, ophthalmic, gene therapy and other therapeutic candidates. For investigational new drug (IND)-directed programs, Virscio also executes primate pharmacokinetic characterization and globally accepted good laboratory practice (GLP) toxicology studies to provide a seamless bridge between animal efficacy and clinical development.

Innovative Impact: Advanced predictive modeling paradigms in human relevant test systems to de-risk the time, cost, and risk of therapeutic development R&D Domains: Ophthalmology, Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular, Metabolism, Gene Therapy, Biologics Headquarters: Corporate, analytic, data management, and administrative divisions are located in New Haven Connecticut; testing facility and preclinical operations are located on the island of St. Kitts, West Indies. The company employs more than 75 full-time staff.

Virscio is a translational R&D and research services company focused on predicting clinical outcomes through the application of validated nonhuman primate disease models, deep therapeutic area domain expertise, and related research capabilities to support preclinical programs from initial proof of concept through IND-enabling studies.


Year Founded: 2003
Founded By:
Matthew Lawrence M.D., Ph.D. (CEO & CSO)
Christopher Stanley (CFO & CBO)

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