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Creating added value for and enhancing competitiveness of all Flemish companies with logistics operations is VIL’s main focus. And it has been for over twenty years. From a small non-profit organization, VIL has grown to be a hands-on, company driven organization, with a staff of 35 employees. Since 2017 VIL is appointed as spearhead cluster for logistics by the Flemish government, making it the single point of contact for logistics in the region. VIL consists of three business units: the Spearhead Cluster, with more than 700 members, Multimodal Flanders to encourage the modal shift, and Log!Ville, the open state-of-the art logistics demonstration center.

Cluster: Delivering knowledge and practical tools
VIL stimulates innovation by developing projects on four topics: digital transformation, green supply chains, last mile and hinterland connection. VIL is active in multiple international projects, financed by the European Union, as well as regional projects. In each of these projects, companies are involved.

Some examples of these projects are the following.

  • Logibat: Electric trucks are no longer a distant future
    Electric trucks will play a substantial role in all segments of freight transportation and will cause an unprecedented revolution in the transport sector. The VIL Logibat tool provides companies insights into the Total Cost of Ownership of a battery-electric truck versus a diesel vehicle.
  • Future Proof Warehouse:
    Investing in more automation and digitization in warehouses is necessary, but for many companies it is difficult to assess which investments will actually best help them moving forward. To help companies with this decision-making process, VIL developed the Future Proof Warehousing tool. It is a smart and user-friendly tool that allows any company to understand existing and “cutting edge” technologies that may be suitable for them. After a workshop with VIL, companies can start using it immediately!
  • ReNEW: on our way to green European inland waterways
    ReNEW (Resilience-centric smart, green, Networked EU Inland Waterways) is a European project that aims to play a key role in the transition of inland navigation – to a smart, green, sustainable and climate resilient sector. The consortium consists of parties from 12 different countries. Several living labs will test solutions, including one in Ghent. Here, a multimodal city hub will be built, supported by a digital twin. VIL will test the scale potential of the elaborated innovations and make European policy recommendations.

Supporting Flemish trade with the UK
VIL recently launched the Gateway²Britain certified label to help Flemish SMEs doing business with the UK. Ever since the Brexit the logistics process has become much more complex. All kinds of documents, data and certificates are required for border controls, leading to higher administrative and logistical costs. SMEs have been particularly affected. These companies have little knowledge about the changing regulations and not enough staff to take on the extra red tape. They also have difficulty finding carriers willing to take their small volumes or irregular shipments to the UK.

The label Gateway²Britain singles out those logistics service providers that offer a one-stop shop for Flanders based SMEs.

Multimodal Flanders
Multimodal Flanders is VIL’s neutral advisory unit that guides companies in their search for efficient and sustainable transport solutions. The team of experts has calculated numerous business cases for companies who no longer want to transport their goods solely by road, but also use inland waterways and/or railroads. With many modal shifts as a result!

Log!Ville is VIL’s logistics innovation center. It offers businesses an immersive experience in the future of logistics through visualization, customization, and digital storytelling, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Logistics community
Companies eager to learn can participate in the many events VIL is offering or subscribe to a training course or workshop.

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