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Viborel S.A. is a private company with more than 30 years’ experience and with a strong and cohesive shareholder group, which has provided sustainable growth year after year.


It provides an excellent service in high quality products and creates value and notoriety for the brands and entities with which it develops partnerships.

Its main objective is to be the number one company in the sector in which it operates, based on principles and characteristic values: Rigor in the management of financial and human resources; Transparency in commercial relations with partners; Commercial and fiscal integrity; Commitment to the objectives that we propose to achieve with each of the commercial partners; Sustainability in the commercial and financial strategy defined and implemented; and Respect for the human and social values of employees.

What has never changed is the will to win, the idea of constantly improving, building brands and building customer loyalty.

Since the last century the company moved-to the next level with national and international partnerships like Brazilian Cachaça 51 (market share leader), Bacalhoa Wines, Quinta do Carmo Wines, Murganheira Sparkling Wines (market share leader) Favaios sweet wines (market share leader), Champagne Laurent Perrier, Perrier Waters, and Whyte & Mackay.

The greatest value Viborel and all the brands represented share is our pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to improving companies.

We demand honesty, transparency , and brilliant results. We believe that entrepreneurship is best for business. These values shape our approach to work, to our clients, and to each other. We have been working together for more than 30 years with some partners and we hope we’ll be working together for 30 more. For the past 30 years we have been connected to major brands and their launches on the market.

In 1996 we launched a brand in Portugal that was totally unknown, in fact it was a non-existent category, and it was still in its beginning even in its country of origin. The brand was Red Bull; and for several years we managed to bring distribution and value to this illustrious stranger. After a long period without working with non-alcoholic beverages, in 2011 Monster Energy launched the challenge of distributing the brand in Portugal and three years later we were already leaders in volume…
A similar story happened with the CapriSun brand, and after three years it was already the second largest brand on the market.


Challenges and Future
The COVID-19 pandemic has proven a testing time for the business, which has seen a decrease of 23-25% turnover due to that fact its direct market – restaurants, hotels and bars – have been forced to close for two months, while tourism has tanked. With this unforeseen turn of events in mind, Viborel recognised that communication is now more key than ever before. If anything, the pandemic has taught us that we must improve the way we contact our clients, in order to give them the best service possible. It’s been tricky because thanks to coronavirus, people are now afraid of contact. To reach out effectively, we must display our information and reach out to our customers through our products and promotions in a way that makes people feel safe and inspires trust.

With thousands of wine brands and producers throughout Portugal (the company delivers 24 hours to 1,500 clients located all over the country), Viborel has its work cut out maintaining and developing relationships at the best of times. With the option of personal contact now defunct, the company is improving its digital offering to keep in touch and maintain the same excellent standard of service.

While this year has been something of an anomaly, Viborel is a famously stable company with year-on-year growth of between 3-6%. This is one of the factors that sets Viborel apart from the competition, a trend determined to continue long-term. Maintaining close ties with clients and partners is another factor.

We have our own sales team that visits hotels and restaurants, which allows us to get a feel for the market and our clients. Brand owners like to sit with other brands and producers that complement their portfolio – every other week we meet producers wanting to join us and partner with Viborel.

Since 2010 we moved to Carnaxide/Oeiras Valley, which has enabled us to improve our service with our customers, mainly fine dining restaurants and hotels. With this change, Viborel increased its turnover around 50%, becoming one of the most important national wine and spirits distribution companies.

Dr. João Braga – GM

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