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In 2015, Veyo launched a new model for Medicaid transportation, adapting the innovations created in the consumer ridesharing space to the healthcare industry—innovations that focused on the transition from traditional, fixed-fleet taxicab companies to transportation network companies (TNCs).

Central to Veyo’s strategy was creating its own vertically integrated ridesharing network, purpose-built for the healthcare industry and the unique needs of the Medicaid population.

The result was a less costly, more responsive, and more transparent transportation solution that utilizes trained drivers to deliver transportation to patients with a wide variety of medical needs.

Now the third largest non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) broker in the US, Veyo’s revolutionary technology and pioneering rideshare model have proven that high-quality, reliable transportation can positively affect healthcare outcomes and lower costs.

Since the model was introduced just over four years ago, Veyo has conducted over 25 million trips and is changing lives everyday thanks to three key features:

Veyo’s rideshare fleet was designed for the unique needs of the healthcare population.

While consumer TNCs are built to primarily serve individuals without any special needs in urban geographies, Veyo’s fleet was built to meet the broad array of healthcare needs.

Veyo’s Virtual Fleet™ employs a network of rideshare drivers—Independent Driver-Providers (IDPs)—and third-party traditional NEMT fleets. This combination allows Veyo to serve all regions and all modes, from ambulatory transport to higher levels of service such as bariatric or stretcher.

Each IDP is trained and credentialed according to Federal and State CMS requirements, including First Aid, CPR, HIPAA, ADA education, patient sensitivity, and hand-to-hand service.

Veyo’s next-generation technology was built specifically for the NEMT benefit.  

The Veyo Platform is designed to bring next-generation technology tools to the management of those benefits. The Veyo Platform employs call centers, booking portals, and member and driver apps to verify eligibility, determine the most appropriate mode of transportation, and ensure the highest-quality access to care.

The Veyo Platform provides reliable on-time performance reporting, tracking, and transparency, while also employing sophisticated mechanisms to detect and prevent Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.

Veyo was built to be a trusted ally to healthcare plans.

With a focus on data and technology, Veyo is able to cut costs and improve outcomes for healthcare plans and their members.

From basic requirements, such as providing encounter data and managing eligibility files, to complex functions such as mileage reimbursement or public transit partnerships—the Veyo Platform is at a state department or health plan’s disposal to better manage their NEMT program

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