Bristol Based
Based in the heart of Bristol, one of the world’s top aerospace hubs, Vertical Aerospace was founded in 2016 by greentech entrepreneur Stephen Fitzpatrick. With access to the best talent, from both the aerospace sector in Bristol and Formula 1 in Oxfordshire, the team has already grown to over 100 world-class engineers and experts, recruited from the likes of Airbus, Boeing, Leonardo, Gulfstream, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Dyson and most of the UK’s Formula 1 teams.

A Global Leader
Vertical believes passionately in the power of electric aircraft to change the way the world travels. Since its inception, Vertical has been disrupting the way aircraft are developed, combining the rigour and discipline of aerospace with the pace and agility of Formula 1 to develop cutting edge aircraft. They are already a global pioneer in sustainable aviation technologies, as one of only a handful of companies worldwide to have flown two full-scale all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) prototypes, both with UK Civil Aviation Authority approval.

Introducing the Latest All-Electric Air Taxi, VA-1X
Vertical recently unveiled VA-1X, the eVTOL aircraft they will take through certification. Capable of carrying four passengers and one pilot, VA-1X is set to be the world’s first certified winged eVTOL with initial commercial operations starting in 2025. Boasting cruise speeds of 150mph with a useable range of up to 100 miles, bypassing road congestion means that passengers could travel from Bristol to Cardiff in under 20 minutes, compared to over an hour driving, or an hour and a half by train. The ultimate aim is to connect entire regions, as well as carry out shorter missions across single cities, using sustainable air travel.

Excellence in Engineering
VA-1X is engineered with high levels of expertise and will be certified with the same safety standards as commercial airliners. Taking off and landing from existing helipads allows for direct city centre to city centre connections. The all-electric distributed propulsion system enables the aircraft to be 30 times quieter than a helicopter, blending into city background noise.

World-class partners are joining the journey to help bring the aircraft to certification. Vertical is heavily leveraging the UK’s leading aerospace and automotive capabilities in areas such as advanced lightweight composites and electrical powertrains. In addition, it has a strategic partnership with Honeywell for state-of-the-art flight control systems – the “electronic brains” of the aircraft that make it incredibly easy and safe to fly. Vertical Aerospace’s goal is to make the VA-1X affordable for all. Prices for air taxi services will start at a few £s per mile, further decreasing as adoption grows.

Sustainable Aviation
Demand for sustainable travel has surged as people become more aware of their impact on the environment. Most low carbon solutions involve giving up, doing less or cutting back. Vertical Aerospace believes that we shouldn’t go backwards but is instead focused on developing solutions which make flying sustainable. Powered by Lithium-ion batteries VA-1X will fly completely emission-free. Not only that but Vertical has committed to building a truly sustainable supply chain.

“At Vertical Aerospace, as we increasingly emerge from our stealthy beginnings, we are privileged and inspired to be right at the cutting edge of these developments as a global eVTOL leader, pioneering a new sustainable future for aviation.”

- Michael Cervenka, CEO, Vertical Aerospace

2016 Launched by CEO of OVO Stephen Fitzpatrick.

2017 Team of six engineers design and build the first demonstrator model.

2018 First eVTOL aircraft was granted flight permission by the CAA.

2019 First flight of second aircraft, Seraph. Capable of carrying 250kg.

2020 VA-1X is released to the market.

2021 Flight testing of VA-1X begins.

2021-2024 Working closely with EASA to gain Type Certification for VA-1X

2025 Initial commercial routes

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