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Verapy’s platform utilizes virtual reality (VR) technology to empower patients to participate in their physical therapy treatments. This immersive experience turns mundane exercises into fun and engaging games improving efficiency in the clinic while increasing patient retention and compliance.

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From left to right: Jonathan Truong and Tad Svendrys showcasing in the Disrupting Healthcare event hosted at Florida Hospital in Orlando.

Each game is specifically matched to a patient’s prescribed treatment protocol. Range of motion and pain level indicators are tracked by both a wearable device and a game log. Metrics are available to patients and therapists on a dashboard to maintain accountability in real-time.

CEO and co-founder Jonathan Truong envisioned Verapy from his personal pain points in physical therapy. He had a total of 5 different surgeries and suffered from meningitis and a stroke at an early age, requiring extensive physical and occupational therapy that he regrets not doing.

Jonathan met his business partner Tad Svendrys during Startup Weekend Tampa Bay and placed 4th out of 12 business ideas back in November 2016. They both shared the pain points of the boring and repetitive nature of physical therapy and felt compelled to tackle this universal challenge.

Verapy works with therapists to ensure that the games align with the therapy protocols. The immersive experience allows participants to enjoy their therapy, where more often than not, participants will complete their therapy without even thinking about it. As part of the compliance, we track key metrics such as range of motion and pain level enabling therapists to view participants’ progress; an increase in range of motion and decrease in pain.

Jonathan Truong, CEO & Co-founder
Tad Svendrys, CFO/COO & Co-founder

From humble beginnings in 2016, Verapy joined the Tampa Bay Wave and the University of Tampa Accelerator, tremendously impacting their growth. We’ve developed prototype games for upper extremities such as shoulder and wrist, acquired letters of intent from local physical therapy clinics & institutions, partnered with game development studios, and all accomplished by adopting the lean startup methodology.

We have participated in Tampa Bay Wave’s Demo Day in which we pitched to their vast investor network, selected to partake as one of 7 startups out of 90 accelerators in GAN’s first virtual demo day and won the 2nd place in the University of Tampa New Venture Expo. We’re looking to continue pressing forward and making an impact in the community with the events and partners such as Synapse, MegaHealthJam, Florida Health Innovators, Cade Museum and many others.

Ultimately, every idea, workflow, and execution is geared toward creating better patient experiences and outcomes. Our long-term strategy is to be in every physical therapy facility helping young and old, athlete or a stroke patient and many others. Restoring lives, creating jobs and fostering entrepreneurial passion is a win-win for everyone in the greater Tampa Bay.

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