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Who is crazy enough to go to Silicon Valley with a one way ticket with no job, no VISA, and no apartment? THIS ENTREPRENEUR!

A San Francisco friend said if I was serious about tech and startup, I should move to Silicon Valley. I bought a one-way ticket the very next week. I attended every MeetUp event, visited the Yahoo campus, and met many confident entrepreneurs who struggled through many obstacles to get to where they needed to be in order to compete; they didn’t shy from sharing their ambitions to strangers. I saw people and places that others overlooked for decades. The industry is like a battlefield with few winners; the opportunity I saw and built my company mission around was “What would it take to produce more winners?” Then, VenturX was born – a platform that prepares startups for funding in these innovative ways.

1) Bringing transparency to this industry

After graduating from school, people are thrown into the world where they may have a boss telling them what is expected. Unfortunately, for entrepreneurship, all of that goes out the window. Our platform for startup success is the first to bring more transparency into the entrepreneurship landscape so startups have a better chance of success. Knowing what metrics are expected and where they stand currently will help determine what they need to succeed.

2) Innovate by defining the gap in the market

We have many partners that fulfill different needs within entrepreneurship. However, we found very few who targeted very early-stage startups. Most of our partners tend to aim to help those who already raised at least $1 million in order to gain better commission. For us, we felt that earlier stage businesses need it more. The impact on the global entrepreneurship landscape will be lasting and rewarding.

3) Revolutionizing the Startup Benchmarks

Entrepreneurs can only find public information from advanced companies but cannot compare their conversion and engagement rates to startups in their industries who started around the same time. For example, it’s not fair for a first-year startup to compare themselves with Le Chateau or Shopify. VenturX helps show where they truly stand based on comparing them to similar startups. It gives not only a realistic sense of the company’s current situation but they also get to see what the investors perceive when they submit for funding. They know their strengths and weaknesses in real-time. Benchmarking is also strategic for investors to make smart choices.

4) VenturX = Google Analytics + AngelList.

Our search opportunities through transparency, targeting our market and benchmarking to innovate Canadian entrepreneurship.


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