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A Managed Service Provider located in Central New Jersey

Many businesses purchase technology solutions hoping to increase productivity. The problem? When  technology is installed without a plan for how it will work in conjunction with other technologies or how it can scale in the future, it creates  an unorganized mess that ends up costing excess money and time.

VelocIT, a Managed Service Provider located in Central New Jersey, delivers unique solutions for their client’s exact needs, with the future in mind. Through strategic planning and mentorship, VelocIT provides IT Leadership. This helps empower its clients to achieve their business goals. IT Leadership improves and develops clients’ IT infrastructure, their understanding of the technology they are using, and it future-proofs growing organizations.

VelocIT prides itself on being a partner that serves as a general contractor. They help find the right solutions by ensuring that they are in sync with overall business planning. The VelocIT team is able to do this by developing a deep understanding of what makes a business tick. They measure and deliver results, solve problems, communicate up and down in a partner organization, and help their clients save money and plan for the future by evaluating and implementing the right tools.

VelocIT was founded by engineers and business leaders who have spent decades solving business problems and presenting reliability, efficiency, and productivity. This direct experience in the trenches allows them to enforce demanding standards for professionalism, communications, and technical skills.

VelocIT’s customers range in size from the fast-growing biotech start-up with five workstations to the Medium-sized businesses with multiple locations spread throughout the country. A huge factor in VelocIT’s success is due to understanding. Understanding their value, understanding the ever-evolving technological landscape, and most importantly, understanding the needs of their clients. For each client, big or small, the process is the same.

As the technological landscape has evolved, so has VelocIT. VelocIT seeks out IT strategies of tomorrow, to make sure the value delivered to clients are consistent and predictable.

Rapid growth can be an issue for small to medium-sized companies without well-managed IT services. VelocIT looks to deliver value and peace of mind to clients by adapting to meet future goals while still addressing current issues. VelocIT focuses on implementing hardware, software, and automated business applications capable of handling growth. Scaling too fast is never an issue with VelocIT. With custom-designed IT planning at the forefront of VelocIT’s strategy, companies grow because of VelocIT, not in spite of it.

Supporting thousands of workstations worldwide, VelocIT operates out of Cranbury. Behind the helm is President & CEO Darek Hahn, who was part of a group that purchased the company in 2016. It is his and his management team’s vision of growth, optimization, and efficiency that drives the VelocIT machine.

Darek Hahn, President & CEO - VelocIT


259 Prospect Plains Road Building K, Suite 301,
Cranbury, NJ 08512

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