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A Safe, Eco-Friendly Way To Travel In Style

V&D Electric Bikes has created a worldwide phenomenon in safe, easy travel. Our lightweight, fully foldable electric bikes offer a secure yet eco-friendly way to travel to your end destination in style!

V&D Electric Bikes are easy to ride, which means they offer the perfect solution for short trips around the city, and they make commuting to and from work a much more comfortable experience. They can be folded up to make transportation through crowds a breeze, and best of all, our e-bikes are entirely customisable – you can choose the colour, come up with the design, and truly let your imagination run wild to make your electric bike your own!

V&D Electric Bikes provides e-bikes for adults and kids alike. Browse our website to learn more about these innovative products, and don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding our creations.

Our Mission

Founded in 2016, V&D Electric Bikes marries the commitment to the outdoors and stylish transportation with a desire to sustain an eco-friendly world. Our ergonomically-designed, functional, and compact electric bikes charm explorers and thrill-seeking enthusiasts alike. At V&D Electric Bikes, we thrive on enhancing our customers’ bike-riding experience through providing our local and global communities with reliable products and impeccable customer service.

Our Story

What happens when riding enthusiasts experience electric bikes? They discover pure joy in finding a unique way to commute to work and around town. V&D Electric Bikes combine high-quality materials, with fresh innovations designed to add oomph to your travel and leisure. Fold them and take them on your next flight; transport them easily in your RV, boat or car; you can even take them to your class! Whether alone, on a date, or enjoying free time with friends and family, our exceptional products remind you to live, laugh & love for many, many miles.

V&D Electric Bikes boasts premium craftsmanship and materials to take on your toughest activities. The lithium battery is capable of 30-mile ranges, 4 hours of power, and 20 mph speeds! Our frame is light enough to carry around but strong enough to support up to 285 pounds.

The foldable design of our electric bike makes commuting easier. It can fold to fit in trunks or on buses and trains. And it’s a sweat-free substitute for biking to work or around campus.

Inexpensive transportation that even a college student or a fixed income person can afford. V&D Electric Bikes offers affordable & flexible payments for everyone. These bikes last a long time and are a secure investment!

Whether you are 15 and dying to drive something or 115 and needing to have a hobby that gets you outdoors, you will LOVE the freedom this bike gives you. Be prepared to hear, “Where’d you get that?!”, from envious onlookers that want a V&D Electric Bike of their own.

With its emission-free electric design and zero carbon footprint, our electric bikes fit in perfectly with your Green lifestyle.

You’ll be amazed at the money you save on parking, gas, and tolls. Save hours of commuting time every week by riding our bikes to work instead of walking. Spend that money traveling and finding adventure.


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