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For the past 25 years, US Green Tek has been providing sustainable water and soil solutions to nations around the world. By meeting 15 sustainable solutions of the 17 goals for sustainable development, as prescribed by the United Nations, US Green Tek is creating a better tomorrow for mankind and the planet.

As its work continues in African nations like Morocco and countless others that have water and food insecurity issues, US Green Tek’s vision for future business development includes establishing relationships with farmers, landscapers, golf course greens superintendents and government officials in its home state of Florida, California and countries located throughout South America.

Led by the team of Mel S. Jacobson and Samir Mamrani, US Green Tek provides solutions via their Power Green Series, which improves water and soil quality and preserves these precious natural resources.

The Power Green Series consists of a highly developed fertilizer that increases PH values, has an absorption capacity that’s greater than 95 percent, provides constant humidity at the root system for plant life, maximizes water permanence for the plant, is effective for seven to 10 years. The Power Green Series also protects the environment because it is an organic, non-toxic fertilizer that does not harm plants, the soil and groundwater.

This innovative technology has earned the company high praise for its sustainable practices and also won numerous innovation awards from around the world. More importantly, the results of the Power Green Series are tangible proof that the product works.

In Morocco, sugar cane growers witnessed a 48 percent increase in their yields and a 25 percent increase in the overall content in the sugar, which has led to higher prices for these farmers. Across various regions of that nation, water savings have improved between 35 and 50 percent for those areas that have implemented the Power Green Series into their production protocols.

Additional results include 30 to 50 percent water and fertilizer savings in trees and fruit trees in Africa, providing less frequency of irrigation for those trees and vegetable crops, a 90 percent limitation of soil erosion, and faster and better germination of plant life. In Florida, Plant City officials are utilizing the Power Green Series to realize between 50 to 75 percent savings in water conservation. A company goal for US Green Tek is to work with all Florida cities to implement these sustainable solutions to enhance agricultural production and landscaping practices, while conserving water and improving soil quality across the Sunshine State.

US Green Tek hopes to provide the Power Green Series to food insecure nations throughout South American through the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a foreign aid agency, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which administers civilian foreign aid and provides development assistance around the world.

In many of these nations, water quality and/or a lack of this valuable resource contributes to soil erosion and soil degradation, which lowers agricultural production and increases food insecurity.

US Green Tek also offers desertification (agriculture in the desert), soil erosion/salinity in land and mine sites rehabilitation, dam water reservoir siltation/ sedimentation, and green climate technologies transfer, among other initiatives.

With an array of services and a vast worldwide customer base in need of its services, US Green Tek’s will continue to address quality of life issues that, once solved, will lead to a more sustainable planet for future generations.

Our Vision:
To be a respected, well recognized and trusted company that’s committed to improving our world by implementing sustainable programs, sharing resources and products through advanced technology, distributing quality food and protecting the future of our land for generations to come.

Our Mission:
To provide reliable and competitive resolutions through knowledge and transfer technologies to combine physical, emotional and logical elements into one exceptional customer experience; providing safe, high-quality products and the values and techniques that contribute to a better world.

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